Client Name

Digital Edge DC

Organization Size



Digital PTW System (ePTW)


  • Time-consuming
  • Multiple Contractors
  • Real-time communication with PMC & Contractor

Digital Edge DC sought to improve efficiency and safety in its critical construction activities.

Digital Edge builds and operates state-of-the-art, energy-efficient data centers with connectivity options.

They sought TECH EHS to improve efficiency and safety in PTW procedures. Due to multiple contractors being engaged in construction, manual data entry and handling of physical copies increased the risk of mistakes, inconsistencies, and communication issues in the PTW process. Traditional PTW systems struggled to manage communication between multiple teams, potentially causing delays and confusion.

Most importantly, the client needed more real-time visibility into the overall permit status and seamless synchronization between the contractor & PMC.


  • Mobile App
  • Centralized Platform
  • Multi-level Permit Approval Workflows
  • Real-time Tracking and Reporting

TECH EHS’s digital PTW solution (ePTW) simplifies permit procedures, reduces paperwork, and streamlines collaboration between contractors, PMC, and Digital Edge DC.

TECH EHS’s ePTW system provides a centralized platform so that all contractors can access and manage permits through a single platform, thus ensuring consistency. They can even access safety protocols, risk assessments, and permit details for proactive safety measures. The system ensures no process is bypassed and recommends safety measures based on different activities. Transparent review and approval processes for all involved parties streamline communication and decision-making.

Our client wanted to make the permit process more manageable and use a single format, which is critical for successfully implementing a permit-to-work system in construction projects. We designed a solution that allows a single permit format that accommodates multiple activities and their checklists, simplifying the overall process. This has resulted in contractors readily adopting the permit-to-work system due to its simplicity and ease of getting approvals from relevant authorities.

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TECH EHS’s digital PTW system significantly improves the management of complex activities performed by multiple contractors during the construction of data centers.

The ePTW system is valuable for managing contractors and ensuring safe, efficient project execution for Digital Edge DC. The system focuses on KPIs and data-driven insights and significantly improves the PTW processes for our client.


Transparency and Improved Collaboration
Easy Adoption of PTW Procedure by Contractors
Zero or Reduced Paperwork
Saved Time & Increased efficiency