Safety in Motion: Transform Compliance into Storytelling

What if safety compliance could be a captivating story that engages and empowers your workforce?

Why Animation

From pixels to prevention, our animated solutions are here to transform your workplace safety culture positively. Picture vibrant characters, immersive scenarios, and interactive experiences that not only educate but also inspire action and accountability. With our animations, safety isn’t just a checklist—it’s a journey, a narrative, a collective endeavor to create a safer, healthier environment for everyone.

But that’s not all. Language barriers shouldn’t stand in the way of safety. That’s why our animated solutions trump linguistic obstacles, offering universal understanding and accessibility. Whether your workforce speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language, our animations speak to everyone, breaking down communication barriers and fostering a culture of inclusivity and safety consciousness.

Strength & Capabilities

Since 2007, we have been a diversified EHS leader, providing EHS solutions globally for over a decade. We have created over 1000 animated videos, encompassing 2D, 3D, and motion graphics formats, serving various industry giants worldwide. Our core strength lies in our ability to craft and visualize complex and critical subjects, delivering output that is easy for viewers to understand.

Creative team comprised of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, animators, and editors, is supported by a team of technical subject matter experts and EHS domain experts. Together, they can tackle any critical subject and create creative, memorable, effective, and easy-to-understand visuals.

We offer a wide range of creative, technical, and production capabilities, specializing in designing and producing computer animation and visual effects for films, industrial training, corporate branding, walkthroughs, documentaries, and engineering videos. With a strong focus on digital 2D/3D/Video content, our creative team endeavors to create memorable characters and edutainment with special effects that captivate audiences of all ages.

Our imaginative and creative scriptwriting team develops easily understandable dramatic plots that effectively depict workplace themes and communicate essential messages. Additionally, our technical team and subject matter experts, especially in the fields of EHS and engineering, possess rich and vast multidisciplinary expertise and experience in the latest technologies, providing relevant technical inputs for our projects.


  • Combines imagination and skill in education and training
  • Demonstrates processes impossible to observe in real life
  • Addresses multilingual needs with animations available in multiple languages
  • Represents dangerous events without exposing workers to hazards
  • Shows consequences of mistakes in processes or activities
  • Provides simulated experiences for enhanced learning
  • Ensures consistency in learning for all participants
  • Captivates audiences through emotional portrayal
  • Facilitates easy training for newcomers
  • Cost and time efficient, accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Easy to understand for non-literate or local workforces due to audio-visual presentation
  • Ideal for demonstrating complex processes
  • Easily distributed among multiple locations digitally

Our Team

Kaushik Parmar

Head of Animation Services

Dipen Patel

Project Leader

Rafiq Saikh

Project Leader

Jayesh Ravaliya

Team Leader – Animation

Preeti Mehta

Team Leader – Animation

Ajay Sharma

Team Leader – Animation

Vinay Parikh

Team Leader – 3d Modeling

Vijay Purkar


Ganapthi Srinivasan

EHS Expert

Dilip Golande

EHS Expert

Production Process

Industries Served


Revolutionize automotive EHS processes with dynamic visualizations and realistic simulations.

Immersive learning experiences empower employees to master safety procedures and maintenance protocols.

From assembly line safety to vehicle maintenance, our advanced animation solutions ensure comprehensive training.

Success Stories

Testimonials from Industry Pioneers

We sincerely appreciate the exceptional video you chartered for our investors. Your ability to conceptualize and deliver such a compelling narrative in a remarkably short timeframe is nothing short of impressive. Our senior team was very pleased with your work quality, and it did not go unnoticed that you exceeded our expectations. Your dedication to your craft and commitment to excellence were evident in every video frame.  Thank you once again for your outstanding contribution. We look forward to the possibility of working together again.

Adani Airport Holdings Limited., Gaurav Pathak, Associate Manager – CEO
We would like to appreciate and thank all the team members involved in the development and creation of the 3D Safety Induction Video for Digital Edge. This work, taken from scratch upto the final product and the same was much appreciated not only in India but across the global Digital Edge business. We must say the team from TECH EHS that we worked during the development of the Visitor Induction Video is very much hard working, dedicated, positive, adopting to the changes and friendly to work with.

Thanks for the efforts made for the final product.

Digital Edge India

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for the support and contributions from TECH EHS to our team and your unwavering commitment. In our long-term engagement in multiple projects, the TECH EHS team’s punctuality and reliability have been crucial in keeping our projects on track and ensuring timely delivery. What truly sets you apart, however, is your approachability and willingness to collaborate!


We are writing to express our appreciation for making the visitor safety induction video. The content, clarity, and design of the video are outstanding. It has greatly contributed to making our visitor management system more attractive and robust. The video’s effectiveness in conveying crucial safety information to our visitors is commendable. Thank you for your dedication and attention to detail in creating such a valuable resource for our organization.

RR Global

As a company with sites in multiple European countries, we had to find a common way to communicate efficiently and effectively. Using animation and the services of TECH EHS helped us facilitate this requirement. We used TECH EHS based on a recommendation from a senior manager who had worked with the company previously. The support and assistance we received in creating and perfecting our animations made TECH EHS a ‘go-to’ service provider.


The work done by TECH EHS  to understand, plan, and execute the final video is highly appreciated and executed quickly. The outcome of this is that the video can even be understood by laymen. This will go a long way to make many people understand safety in a simple way and prevent incidents and, hence well-being of one and all. Thank you for highly engaging and educative videos.


For the service part, we appreciate your work. Also, you have created a virtual world for learning and communicating safety in the form of animation. The animation team is highly supportive and goes the extra mile to interact with us during the development phase. The videos developed by TECH EHS are very educational and prove to be helpful for the entire team.

BALCO FIRE SERVICES, Gagandeep Ojha ( In Charge )

It is really great to work with TECH EHS. The animations created by TECH EHS were really fantastic and fulfilling our requirement. Their delivery time is excellent while keeping us in loop the entire team. They understood our requirements and ensured we got what we asked for. The animation team is highly co-operative. Thanks for the excellent services!


TECH EHS’ services have been beneficial and helped to lift the standard of Safety within our organization, by making personnel aware at various establishments in different countries about the near misses or accidents using the medium of Animation. The videos were created with so much clarity that they could be easily understood by one and all. Thanks TECH EHS!


TECH EHS have managed to produce animation movies based on real incidents with limited information. The animation movies are a vital part of our safety behavior training programme and have been designed to be discussed in group exercises. The movie gives the viewer a clear understanding of how an incident can escalate very quickly into an accident with people being injured. We will be using TECH to create more movies for us as the turn round time and process was very quick and efficient.

MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS PLC (UK), Kathleen Coward (HSE Project Coordinator)

TECH EHS developed TATA Projects Safety Induction DVD with 3D animation & audio. This induction film explains various construction activities & the safety measures required to mitigate the risks involved. This film has been the result of careful deliberation and effort put in by both TECH EHS & TPL’s corporate EHS & construction services teams to illustrate various safety aspects in construction activities in an easily understandable manner.

TATA PROJECTS LIMITED, P. Jagatheesan (Assistant General Manager (EHS))

Thanks for your support throughout the project phase of the animated video-making process. One of the driving factors in our decision to choose you was the quality of the video animation work you have done previously with one of our JV partners. Your knowledge of EHS is commendable. Thank you for leading the project, accommodating every single request in a professional manner, and being patient with all our requests and changes to be embedded in a timely manner to achieve what we want. You are truly a team full of professionalism and result orientation!

JIGPC (Jazan Integrated Gasification and Power Company)

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