Business Intelligence in EHS

Business Intelligence encourages data sharing and collaboration among teams and departments, fostering a data-driven culture and promoting a holistic approach to problem-solving.

Using BI, EHS professionals can gain insights into their data to help them identify and mitigate risks, improve compliance, and reduce costs.

BI empowers both the leadership (C-suite executives such as CEOs and VPs) as well as the plant/site team (Managers and frontline Supervisors) to effectively track business from site-level. It also assists the EHS team to make quick, data-driven decisions proactively for driving safer outcomes, mitigating risks, improving compliance, and reducing costs.

Get Actionable Trend Insights

Analyze EHS Performance Scorecard

KPI’s to Optimize Internal Processes

AI-Powered Advance Analytics

Boost Operational Efficiency

Powerful Descriptive Analytics and Compelling Data Visualizations

Set Critical-To-Safety Targets and Leverage BI Capabilities to Auto-Highlight Progress

Salient Features

Access to consistent and reliable information at your Dashboard

Enjoy real-time access to a centralized dashboard, ensuring authorized users has access to the accurate data, fostering transparency and alignment across the organization.

More informed and effective decision-making

By having access to comprehensive data, decision-makers can rely on facts, trends, and insights rather than guesswork. This data-driven approach leads to the development of more effective strategies and outcomes for EHS initiatives, ensuring better risk management and overall organizational performance.

Streamlined and automated HSE data collection, analysis, and reporting processes

With automation, the burdensome tasks of data collection from diverse sources like spreadsheets, third-party software, databases, and ERPs are simplified. This efficiency saves valuable time for the EHS team, empowering them to concentrate on strategic initiatives, ultimately boosting overall productivity and effectiveness in managing health, safety, and environmental concerns.

Reduced manual reporting effort, optimized costs, and improved efficiency of HSE team

By automating reporting processes, the HSE team can allocate resources more efficiently, reducing manual errors, and cutting down on unnecessary costs associated with labor-intensive tasks.

Corporate and Site-level insights – Reports and dashboards along with effective mechanisms to securely share insights with decision-makers

Gain valuable insights at both corporate and site levels, ensuring that stakeholders have access to relevant information while maintaining data security and confidentiality.

Incorporate advanced analytics techniques like predictive modeling and data mining, to forecast future trends, identify potential risks, and make proactive decisions

Utilize cutting-edge analytics tools to anticipate future challenges, enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies and ensuring a proactive approach to safety management.

Automated alerts to drive proactive safety

Receive near real-time alerts and notifications based on predefined triggers, enabling swift action to prevent incidents and maintain a safe working environment.

AI-powered Key Influencers to understand the factors that influence your EHS outcomes

Harness the power of AI to identify key influencers affecting EHS outcomes, allowing for targeted interventions and improved risk management strategies.

Large variety of highly functional visuals (charts) available to best visualize and rapidly analyze the EHS data

Choose from a wide range of visualization options to represent EHS data effectively, facilitating quick analysis and decision-making for stakeholders at all levels.

Assistance for monitoring and ensuring compliance with industry regulations

Stay compliant with industry regulations by leveraging BI tools to monitor adherence to standards, identify gaps, and implement necessary measures to maintain compliance and mitigate risks.

1. Planning

  • Define High Level Scope of Work

  • Identify data source(s)

  • Feasibility study

  • Capacity planning

2. Requirement Engineering & Consultancy

We gather & document client requirements;

  • Define KPIs, Reports, Dashboards

  • EHS Metrics

  • Prioritization

  • Define data sources

  • Define ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) procedures

3. ETL Process

  • Fetch data

  • Refine data

  • Usable format

  • Load cleansed data

4. Report Development

The UI is designed to resonate with the client’s requirements.

  • Data Modelling

  • Developing Report

  • Designing UI

  • Developing Visuals

5. Deployment & Configuration with Verification & Validation

Essential configurations are done alongwith quality checks.

  • Setting up reports & dashboards

  • User configuration

  • Role-based security

  • Data source configuration

  • Data refresh schedule

  • Configuration of Alerts

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

6. Go-Live

After successful verifications and validations, the solution is made LIVE for consumption.

  • Reports and dashboards access to authorized users

  • Report sharing

  • Facilitating collaboration

  • Integrated with MS Teams

  • Leverage shared workspaces


Demonstrating expertise in EHS and Business Intelligence domains, leveraging specialized knowledge to produce actionable insights

  • Offering comprehensive and user-friendly dashboards and reports for EHS data analysis, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of EHS professionals.
  • Providing customized Power BI solutions that align with your organization’s specific EHS data needs, delivering insights that directly address your challenges and goals.
  • Consolidating data from multiple systems for comprehensive reporting.
  • Bringing experience in implementing several significant and complex ‘technology-driven’ solutions in corporations worldwide.
  • Guiding with EHS domain experts to gain insights into data, helping identify and mitigate risks, improve compliance, and reduce costs.
  • Delivering cost-effective solutions that maximize the value of your investment.
  • Prioritizing continuous improvement and sustainable practices.

Inspiring Stories

Testimonials from Industry Pioneers

TECH EHS has been a great partner in accelerating and elevating our EHS journey. With “a click of a finger,” the platform could retrieve and present any useful information or data. Additionally, the mobile application provided ease of use for anyone to record any incident or observations for further investigations instantly. Their expertise and commitment to our needs have been evident in delivering solutions through the software and support rendered. We appreciate their continuous efforts to improve the software and adapt to our evolving needs.

Natsteel Holdings Pte Ltd , Rajesh Bhat K.P., Asst. Vice President, BizTech Services
TECH EHS Team is knowledgeable in solving and giving suggestions to the E-PTW and WMS system that we worked with. They illustrate the benefits of using the e-system and give us confidence to continue the business with them. We have a new experience to work together with suppliers overseas and are glad to manage the time well and able to complete the projects on time. We appreciate and value your support and service. Looking forward to having the next project soon!
Kraiburg TPE Technology SDN. BHD., Malaysia , (Amelia Ng Pui Yee, Senior EHS Executive)

We were looking for a competent solution for our scaffolding operations spanning multiple sites. Scaffolding management system offered us the ability to shift from a basic to digitalised all-in-one platform.This has enabled efficient scaffolding operations providing inspected and safer material, effortlessly. What helps our case even more is the software availability in local language (Chinese) and English.

CTCI Corporation

We needed a customized solution, as the sheer scale of our operations demanded accurate estimates of scaffolding equipment and manpower. Older methods resulted in significant time delays in scaffolding operations. Through our close discussions, TECH EHS proposed a workflow for SMS that fitted the bill, perfectly. Ultimately, this led to an overall reduction in delays and a streamlined scaffolding lifecycle.

Kiewit Corporation
It was a wonderful journey with TechEHS team from past 4 years and I am recommending  TechEHS software tool to everyone for effective implementation of EHS Management system. We appreciate entire team of TechEHS for their co-operation and respond to our queries very quickly.
V-Guard Industries Ltd., Prakash V, Dy.General Manager, EHS Manufacturing Services

CGPL Mundra is first UMPP of 4000 MW that has been commissioned in the shortest duration of one year and “permit to work system” was one of the challenge for safe work culture. TECH EHS’s tailor-made EPTW system which could be developed as per the organization safety guidelines has provided us ultimate solution. We got an excellent and prompt support from TECH EHS throughout. This system has exhibited all essential features of company safety guidelines and can be established in other divisions of the company. Thanks!


One of the advantages of awarding the contract to TECH EHS is that they have expertise in the field and they are easily able to understand our requirements with very minimal consultation. It would be easy for us to roll out the projects within the stipulated time. We have partnered with TECH EHS for many animation projects, software project and continue to use their services to this day. The net result of our association has been very fruitful and productive. Keep it up TECH EHS!

USV INDIA LIMITED., Suresh R. Penmatsa (Associate Vice President - Corporate EHS)

We are very happy to have implemented software developed by TECH EHS. On field staff (ground level supervisors) is comfortable using it as it has been customized to adapt easy work-flow. We recommend their services to anyone looking for software services. Reporting was a key challenge and they addressed this through reporting measures through graphic charts and analytical trends. This reduced time spent over meetings. We are quite grateful to TECH EHS for providing such a solution and would look to continue this partnership in future also.

SIEMENS INDIA LIMITED, DAHEJ, Virendra Kansara (EHS Advisor)

TECH EHS has provided Employee ID Badging Software & Onsite Manpower solutions to IOCL. We state that your Team is providing the best services to our Corporation. We have no complains till date and are satisfied. The entire process is very simple and hassle-free. They also maintain the deadlines and no unnecessary follow-ups are required. We wish TECH EHS Good Luck….! Keep it up….!


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