Client Name

RUBIS Energy Kenya

Organization Size



EHS Management Software


  • Lack of Centralized Platforms
  • Complex, Costly, and Time-Intensive Documentation Procedures
  • Errors Due to Manual Processes
  • Security and Confidentiality Issues
  • Compliance Risks
  • Vehicle, Delivery, and Standard Quality Checks

Our client required a centralized platform to manage all the tasks and processes. Considering that it serves in the energy sector, EHS compliance and quality checks were top priorities.

RUBIS turned to TECH EHS for a centralized platform to manage their operations and quality checks. Despite being geographically widespread in Africa, RUBIS relied on manual data management using Excel sheets or physical papers. Recognizing the urgency of digitalization for seamless EHS and quality-check operations, RUBIS sought TECH EHS assistance to streamline their data management, save time and costs, and ensure error-free processes for efficient quality checks.

RUBIS follows a unique training and onboarding process, requiring employees to complete essential training before commencing their roles.

Therefore, this had to be seamlessly integrated into the records so that the employees could have a hassle-free first day. Additionally, they approached the TECH EHS team to explore the possibility of implementing a globally centralized access control platform.


  • PTW system
  • Document Management
  • Central Action Plan
  • Truck Inspection
  • Incident Management
  • Site Inspection
  • Quality NC
  • Risks & Opportunities Assessments
  • Retail Station Compliance

TECH-EHS helped RUBIS set up a powerful and critical decision-making centralized platform for its EHS and non-EHS processes.

TECH EHS established a centralized platform for daily operations, which notably saves RUBIS considerable time and resources. The digitized training process ensures that employees complete necessary training before onboarding, whether internal or external, with updates managed by the system as needed for selection processes.

Global access control streamlines the time-consuming process of issuing gate passes, allowing any RUBIS employee or visitor access to any premises with the initial gate pass. Furthermore, the EHS digital system seamlessly handles management.

Retail Station Compliance aids RUBIS in maintaining a secure compliance library. With contractors overseeing retail stations, TECH EHS implemented a system to ensure adherence to RUBIS-defined statutory and safety compliance standards. The automated system promptly alerts relevant personnel and escalates issues to headquarters as needed.

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TECH EHS created a centralized digital platform for standardized procedures and enhanced quality checks at RUBIS, leading to improved work quality.

Leveraging digital solutions for EHS and quality checks minimized potential waste from manual processes and ensured high-quality work with increased security for RUBIS.


Quick Decision-Making
Smoother Processes
Better Quality Checks
Enhanced Safety