EHS Management Software – Digitally transform and mobilize your entire safety program

Empowering Excellence: A Comprehensive Solution for EHS, ESG, Sustainability, and Compliance Reporting

A comprehensive web-based and mobile ready solution developed by TECHEHS experts for holistic EHS management for EHS professionals. It is critically developed with the guidance of industrial subject matter experts to be the perfect tool for enterprises.

EHS Management Software – Digitally transform and mobilize your entire safety program

A web-based and mobile ready solution, developed by TECHEHS experts in collaboration with seasoned industry experts, offers a comprehensive platform for small, mid-size, and large enterprises to streamline EHS processes and standardize information management. With a focus on enhancing Safety Management, Operational Efficiency, and fostering a strong Safety Culture, our solution ensures compliance obligations are met seamlessly. Backed by 17 years of experience delivering tailored solutions across diverse industries, our platform is highly configurable and customizable, allowing clients to adapt workflows, forms, and processes to their unique needs. Offering seamless integration with your existing ERP systems and single sign-on (SSO) and email. Our solution delivers a cohesive experience while addressing each organization’s specific safety challenges and data requirements.

Streamline Reporting

Introducing our comprehensive digital platform designed for seamless reporting of Incidents, Near-Misses, On-field Observations, and Hazard occurrences through both mobile and web-based applications. Our system boasts a complete workflow, from initial reporting to identifying action items, tracking their status, and implementing corrective and preventive actions until closure, across all modules.

Moreover, our platform goes beyond conventional functionalities by offering ESG data capturing from different functions within organization, specifically addressing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

With additional features such as push notifications, escalation metrics, and dynamic dashboards for KPI tracking and in-depth analysis, our digital solution ensures a thorough and efficient management of incidents while aligning seamlessly with ESG reporting requirements.


Ensure Compliance

Our solution ensures timely planning and scheduling to meet regulatory compliance obligations efficiently. By digitizing key compliance activities, including audits, trainings, mock drills, and employee health checkups, our system establishes and maintains a comprehensive data history, supporting informed decision-making.

Moreover, our system excels in managing critical data related to waste generation to disposal, centralized Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information, environmental parameters, and the meticulous tracking of all legal permits and certificates.

With configurable checklists, customized forms, and automated escalation to designated team members, our solution ensures the seamless tracking of crucial agendas, approvals, and renewals. This proactive approach is instrumental in staying ahead of compliance deadlines and fostering a robust compliance framework.

Modules :

Promote Safety Culture

Our solution fosters a culture of collaboration and safety awareness among employees, contractors, and vendors, promoting a proactive approach. It goes beyond by incorporating Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) observations and on-field corrections by peers, ensuring a real-time commitment to safety.

Furthermore, the system diligently tracks trends and analyzes data derived from safety observations. This data becomes instrumental in strategizing various training programs, awareness campaigns, and other proactive measures. The comprehensive approach to safety extends to recognizing outstanding contributions through the Employee and Contractor of the Month announcements.

In addition to disseminating important messages from leadership, our centralized platform facilitates the sharing of essential documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training material. With features for alerts, announcements, news, events and document sharing, the system actively promotes continuous improvement, engagement, and a proactive stance toward Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) across the entire organization.

Modules :

Increase Operational Efficiency

Our solution is designed to bolster operational efficiency through a comprehensive suite of modules carefully crafted to streamline various operational processes. From the meticulous management of change and pre-startup safety reviews to efficient document and meeting management, our system ensures seamless coordination and communication across all levels of the organization. With dedicated modules for personal protective equipment (PPE) management, lockout tagout (LOTO) integrating with permit to work system, and comprehensive management information system (MIS) reporting, our solution empowers organizations to optimize operational workflows, enhance workplace safety, and drive overall efficiency.

Modules :

Enhance (on-field) Safety

Our solution is committed to elevating on-field safety through a versatile array of modules tailored to address diverse aspects of safety management. Featuring configurable checklists, it facilitates comprehensive site inspections, safety equipment assessments, and inspections of other machinery or tools.

Inculcating a top-down approach, the system efficiently manages Leadership Walkthroughs. The 5S Assessment & Walkthrough module ensures that workspaces are organized, clean, and optimized for safety and efficiency. The solution assist for systematically identify, assess, and mitigates risks associated with various tasks and activities.

The implementation of an efficient Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA) tracking system allows for the swift addressing of corrective and preventive actions, contributing to a proactive risk mitigation strategy.

Modules :

Quality Management

By leveraging these advanced quality management modules, organizations can enhance their overall quality assurance practices, minimize quality-related risks, and ultimately deliver products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. From facilitating quality observations and generating non-conformance reports to conducting thorough incoming material inspections and comprehensive work inspections spanning pre, during, and post stages, our system ensures rigorous quality control across all operational facets.

Modules :


Robust EHS Management –

  • Integrates all the EHS processes on a centralized platform.
  • Improves safety management and amplifies operational efficiency.
  • Aids in enhancing the safety culture.
  • Streamlines EHS data collection and increases reporting efficiency.
  • Enhances compliance monitoring, simplifying assignment and effectively managing deadlines of remedial actions for non-compliances
  • Boosts employee accountability and engagement.
  • Provides easy access to EHS data bank (MSDS, Risk Assessments, SOPs, Legal Permits, etc.)

Highly flexible –

  • Freedom to choose: We have an extensive catalogue of 30+ modules (digitized EHS processes). Our clients can select and pay for only the modules that they are in need of.
  • Open for integration: The software seamlessly blends into your current ERP system. Be it SAP or any other such system. It also integrates with existing Active Directories/Azure AD for single sign-on (SSO) and emails.
  • Highly customizable: Everything is configured as per the client’s business, from hierarchy and checklists to risk matrices and workflows. It is ideally built to deliver incisive visibility critical to safety concerns by identifying the performance gaps and raising alarms.
  • Caters to all: The software is carefully developed and with implementation guidance from our experienced team ensures that it can fit to enterprise of any size – small, medium or large ranging from a single plant to spread across several geographical locations.

Safety Cockpit

As the name describes, this module includes and provides all the necessary EHS statistics, analytics, and trends in near/real time. This lets you have a hawk’s eye to gain foresight – Whether the safety efforts are going as planned or are there any deviations (delays, non-compliances, incidents) and discover inefficiencies.

Personalized EHS Insights

“One size does not fit all.” This applies to our software, too.

It’s dashboard is designed to meet the unique requirements of every organization, department or function and person.

For example, a corporate EHS manager needs information on all the plants/sites, whereas the maintenance engineer needs information about the equipment (pending inspections, breakdown, repairs, etc.).

It provides you with a personalized window to monitor, track, and gain insights into the EHS functions that are essential to you.

Monthly EHS Reports

We understand the investment of energy and resources that go into collating EHS data and generating reports and analysing it.

Therefore, our solution prepares insightful reports with all the necessary information and point to any alarming situations such as a specific shift in one of the work areas where maximum number of Near-miss have been reported, or a Contractor with the highest number of incidents, and so much more!

EHS Performance Scorecard

It measures your organization’s EHS performance in depth. It provides you with the leading and lagging indicators in visually understandable forms. Also, this performance scorecard allows you to rate the individual plant/sites according to their EHS performance based on your organization’s evaluation criteria.

  • EHS Portal and Knowledge Desk

Providing employees with easy access to safety information can contribute to a safer work environment and reduce the likelihood of incidents. This safety information on the EHS portal includes site/plant-specific and organization-wide safety newsletters, events, KPIs, safety initiatives, training and more.

The knowledge desk is the perfect platform for employees for seamless data exchange. They can highlight and gain information about the existing hazards, risks, ongoing safety trends, and overall workplace safety. Knowledge sharing for the management during critical times becomes easy on this platform.

  • Employee Recognition

Recognition programs have proven to boost employee morale and performance. Regarding safety, it has an inbuilt Safety Recognition Program that automatically rates employees for their EHS responsibilities, activities, and initiatives. This program can be used to announce monthly awardees to maintain a healthy competition.

  • EHS Reporting, made Easy!

It has a very user-friendly and intuitive reporting mechanism. This helps accelerating employee participation in safety-critical programs such as reporting of hazards and Near-misses, safety observations, Peer-to-Peer Behavior-Based Observations, and more.

With the advent of mobile applications, offline capabilities, geo-tagging, QR code, and multilingual support, it becomes easy for employees to access important information and do the reporting at any time, from anywhere!

Implement Remedial Actions

After EHS performance evaluation, it is time to deploy remedial actions. And with this solution, it becomes easy to develop, monitor and verify corrective & preventive actions with before & after picture.

  • Robust Task Management

It’s task management tool is both robust and comprehensive. It increases employee accountability with easy and prompt assignment of tasks (such as corrective and preventive actions), ensures deadlines are met with real/near-time monitoring, provides timely alerts and escalations, thereby, facilitating on-time task completions and Non-compliances remediation.

This tool has proved to be most effective in eliminating silos by facilitating efficient communication, coordination, and collaboration.

EHS Rule Engine

It can trigger automated alerts on pressing safety issues to the concerned authorities and busy decision makers on-the-go. Thereby, supporting in data-driven discussions, decisions and actions to achieve the EHS goals. Example of a few automated alerts are as follows:

  • On-time closure of work permits has fallen below the set acceptable range
  • Annual EHS audit target not achieved
  • Employee skill compliance is in red zone (e.g. < 50 %)

  • Lost time injury frequency rate has increased above the tolerance limit
  • And more, in-line with your organization’ KPIs

Streamlined Audits and Inspections

It offers end-to-end process management for internal audits and inspections that includes:

  • Planning and scheduling the audits and inspections
  • Automated alerts for upcoming events
  • Configuration of checklists
  • Record results that include non-compliances (NCs), observations, OFI, etc.
  • Effectively track assigned remedial actions against NCs found

You can also record results for external audits in order to track its NCs status.

Legal Permit Tracker

You can seamlessly manage and track all your legal permits and certificates and their details. These details include renewal dates, regulatory documents, immediately prompts and alerts about the soon-to-expire permits, enabling remediation of compliance risks.

Consolidated Action Tracker

The action tracker consolidates all the remedial actions for non-compliance in near/real-time. It is a centralized action tracker space to know overdue actions, report of the aging of open actions, liquidation period of closed actions, etc. This helps to acquire progress reports of the non-compliance closures within the organization.

Centralized Document Library

The document Library module manages the entire document management process. You can easily store, review, approve, distribute, and control documents to ensure accurate and updated information is always available.

Regulatory Reports and Audit-Friendly Records

Just a single click, and your desired report is generated. Be it OSHA Form 300/300A/301, RIDDOR, any other report per national/regional regulations, or an internal EHS-related report for the management.

It’s robust search engines ensure that all records with accurate date and time stamps are available for external audits.

Inspiring Stories

Testimonials from Industry Pioneers

TECH EHS has been a great partner in accelerating and elevating our EHS journey. With “a click of a finger,” the platform could retrieve and present any useful information or data. Additionally, the mobile application provided ease of use for anyone to record any incident or observations for further investigations instantly. Their expertise and commitment to our needs have been evident in delivering solutions through the software and support rendered. We appreciate their continuous efforts to improve the software and adapt to our evolving needs.

Natsteel Holdings Pte Ltd , Rajesh Bhat K.P., Asst. Vice President, BizTech Services
TECH EHS Team is knowledgeable in solving and giving suggestions to the E-PTW and WMS system that we worked with. They illustrate the benefits of using the e-system and give us confidence to continue the business with them. We have a new experience to work together with suppliers overseas and are glad to manage the time well and able to complete the projects on time. We appreciate and value your support and service. Looking forward to having the next project soon!
Kraiburg TPE Technology SDN. BHD., Malaysia , (Amelia Ng Pui Yee, Senior EHS Executive)

We were looking for a competent solution for our scaffolding operations spanning multiple sites. Scaffolding management system offered us the ability to shift from a basic to digitalised all-in-one platform.This has enabled efficient scaffolding operations providing inspected and safer material, effortlessly. What helps our case even more is the software availability in local language (Chinese) and English.

CTCI Corporation

We needed a customized solution, as the sheer scale of our operations demanded accurate estimates of scaffolding equipment and manpower. Older methods resulted in significant time delays in scaffolding operations. Through our close discussions, TECH EHS proposed a workflow for SMS that fitted the bill, perfectly. Ultimately, this led to an overall reduction in delays and a streamlined scaffolding lifecycle.

Kiewit Corporation
It was a wonderful journey with TechEHS team from past 4 years and I am recommending  TechEHS software tool to everyone for effective implementation of EHS Management system. We appreciate entire team of TechEHS for their co-operation and respond to our queries very quickly.
V-Guard Industries Ltd., Prakash V, Dy.General Manager, EHS Manufacturing Services

CGPL Mundra is first UMPP of 4000 MW that has been commissioned in the shortest duration of one year and “permit to work system” was one of the challenge for safe work culture. TECH EHS’s tailor-made EPTW system which could be developed as per the organization safety guidelines has provided us ultimate solution. We got an excellent and prompt support from TECH EHS throughout. This system has exhibited all essential features of company safety guidelines and can be established in other divisions of the company. Thanks!


One of the advantages of awarding the contract to TECH EHS is that they have expertise in the field and they are easily able to understand our requirements with very minimal consultation. It would be easy for us to roll out the projects within the stipulated time. We have partnered with TECH EHS for many animation projects, software project and continue to use their services to this day. The net result of our association has been very fruitful and productive. Keep it up TECH EHS!

USV INDIA LIMITED., Suresh R. Penmatsa (Associate Vice President - Corporate EHS)

We are very happy to have implemented software developed by TECH EHS. On field staff (ground level supervisors) is comfortable using it as it has been customized to adapt easy work-flow. We recommend their services to anyone looking for software services. Reporting was a key challenge and they addressed this through reporting measures through graphic charts and analytical trends. This reduced time spent over meetings. We are quite grateful to TECH EHS for providing such a solution and would look to continue this partnership in future also.

SIEMENS INDIA LIMITED, DAHEJ, Virendra Kansara (EHS Advisor)

TECH EHS has provided Employee ID Badging Software & Onsite Manpower solutions to IOCL. We state that your Team is providing the best services to our Corporation. We have no complains till date and are satisfied. The entire process is very simple and hassle-free. They also maintain the deadlines and no unnecessary follow-ups are required. We wish TECH EHS Good Luck….! Keep it up….!


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