Client Name

Data Center Platform Company

Organization Size



EHS Onboarding Program


  • Their organization’s Mission, Vision, & Values were to be clearly stated
  • The message had to be comprehensively conveyed with ‘just enough’ information
  • The assessment questions and knowledge checks should cover fundamental aspects of the organization that would help their orientation instead of general EHS quizzes.
  • The module should feel like its own, which will be developed according to the client’s branding guidelines.

An effective Employee EHS Onboarding program that translates the brand’s initiatives, mission, and values into an extensive eLearning Module.

Our client is an organization that builds and operates state-of-the-art, energy-efficient data centers with connectivity options. Our client claims that they create responsible digital ecosystems. And needless to say, they stay true to their words. The Environmental the consciousness that the client portrays is applaudable.

With offices spread across Jakarta, Osaka, Tokyo, Busan, Seoul, and Manila and looking forward to extending its wings in India, the client truly bridges the digital divide in Asia Pacific.

The client is a data center focussed on bridging the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific region primarily for ESG. Being an organization ripe at its inception, they had an avid onboarding of employees.

Amongst this, the client sought TECH EHS and wanted to employ our eLearning expertise and develop an ESG & WHS orientation program for their new employees. Having previously benefitted from our software module, the client was aware of our stand on the HSE expertise and our team’s module development capabilities.


  • Client’s mission, vision, and training program explained extensively for orientation.
  • Requested branding guidelines for module customization.
  • SMEs and script writers developed module narratives based on provided references.
  • Storyboard created by instructional designer following narrative and branding guidelines.
  • Module divided into sections with periodic knowledge checks and final assessment.
  • Client feedback welcomed at milestones for alignment with their vision.

Using an animated video as a training medium, all the necessary information and concepts were effectively conveyed to the trainees.

TECH EHS had a clear vision for developing this module.

To align the training module with the client’s organizational culture and goals, it was necessary to state their Mission, Vision, and Values explicitly. This ensured that the training content reflected the core principles and direction of the client’s organization. This helped trainees understand how their roles contribute to the organization’s objectives.

The module balanced comprehensive information delivery while avoiding overload. It presented content clearly and concisely, ensuring trainees received the necessary information without overwhelming them. Focusing on critical points helped trainees grasp essential knowledge effectively.

Assessments targeted trainees’ understanding of organization-specific aspects. Tailored to their orientation and integration, these assessments focused on fundamental knowledge relevant to their roles. This approach ensured better comprehension and application of organization-specific requirements and practices.

Customized visuals, graphics, and design reflected the client’s brand identity, enhancing trainee engagement and connection. Incorporating client’s branding guidelines effectively represented their unique identity and culture.

The characters, models, and backgrounds used in the video were developed specifically to match the client’s site location, ensuring a customized approach to the project.

Development Process

  • We requested the client to explain their mission and vision statement extensively as the orientation training program is being delivered in their current medium.
  • As this was a customization scope, we then requested the branding guidelines, which would be used to design the entire module.
  • our SMEs and scriptwriters prepared the module narrative with the provided references, which would later be used as the voiceover.
  • Based on the prepared narrative & the shared branding guidelines, our Instructional designer created the storyboard.

  • The module was sectioned as per the fundamental head points and periodical knowledge checks with an assessment at the end.

  • At each milestone, we welcomed the feedback of the client & accommodated their requests in order to ensure that the outcome matched their vision.

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The module was developed to align with the client’s branding guidelines, creating ownership and familiarity.

As this module became an integral tool of the client’s orientation program, they further expanded their requirement & insisted on having the modules developed in 3 other languages – Chinese, Japanese and Koreans to extend this orientation delivery medium to their local office employees.

Furthermore, the project association has been extended with the client wanting to develop an eLearning module on risk assessment. TECH EHS is set to ensure that it rightfully assists the HSE initiatives of this Data Center Platform Company.


Optimal Visual Graphics to OST Ratio
Trainee Comprehension and Retention
Easy Trainee Progress Tracking
Streamlined Onboarding Process