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Automobile Industry

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Implemented 3D animated videos to streamline incident reporting and improve safety communication across global plants, reducing accidents and enhancing ROI.


  • Traditional Approach.
  • Lack of Incident/Accident Understanding
  • Labor-Intensive

A leading global organization in the automotive and heavy engineering sector wanted a sharing mechanism that would allow them to quickly and effectively share accident, incident, or near-miss information globally from any of their plants.

Their current communication process relied heavily on text-based emails, which limited the scope of report preparation and hindered the capture of critical precautionary points.

Consequently, once accidents or incidents were shared within the plant network, there was a lack of understanding surrounding them.

The report preparation process typically occurred post-incident and necessitated qualified trainers to convey the message effectively to the audience. This method was labor-intensive and consumed valuable person-hours for completion.


  • The story-board is prepared using exact sequence of events
  • Clear 3D models of actual elements are used to prepare the video
  • Video was completed and sent over in digital format within 72 hours

A thorough evaluation process using actual images of the plant/equipment/machinery and the brief given by the organization was undertaken to uncover the thread of events. An animated video was completed and sent over in digital format within 72 hours

Subsequently, the client forwards the specific link of the video to its plant network, thereby significantly reducing time and costs.

The storyboard meticulously follows the sequence of events, ensuring accuracy and coherence in the narrative. Clear and detailed 3D models of actual elements depicted in the scenario are utilized to craft the video, enhancing realism and engagement.

The video portraying the exact events minimizes the need for additional explanations or theoretical discussions. Animated videos are extensively employed for inspection, audits, and identifying Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), enhancing efficiency and clarity in these processes.

Completed videos are promptly delivered in digital format within 72 hours, ensuring swift access and dissemination. Critical incident-related information, including working alone and accident backgrounds, is prominently featured, providing comprehensive insights and emphasizing key points.


  • Significant decrease in accidents and incidents due to effective scenario sharing, improving safety protocols.
  • Faster dissemination of scenarios internally, leading to quicker awareness and stakeholder response. This has resulted in increased productivity and reduced man-hours, with heightened worker awareness contributing to a measurable ROI.
  • Seamless communication of critical tasks through clear and effective telecasting, ensuring understanding and clarity among the audience.


Streamlined Dissemination
Substantial Accident Prevention
Tangible ROI
Enhanced Task Communication

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