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Zinc-Lead Industry

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Technical Topics and SOP Animated Videos


  • Time-Consuming & Cumbersome Training
  • Limited Attention Span
  • Difficult to Comprehend and Assess the Hazards
  • Redundant & Lacked Interesting Elements

The training sessions were time-consuming and cumbersome, resulting in boredom among trainees and only partial attention being paid during the sessions.

Consequently, the information presented was not delivered in its entirety. Despite the lectures and presentations being well-equipped with details and images tailored to the target audience, they fell short of fully conveying the severity of potential mishaps. Finding a solution that provided a comprehensive understanding of hazards proved challenging, and workers struggled to comprehend and assess these hazards adequately.

Given the technical nature of the work involved, providing workers with a thorough understanding of methods to mitigate all types of hazards is imperative. The existing practice involved a two-hour induction comprising photos and a PowerPoint presentation, necessitating qualified trainers to communicate the message to the audience effectively. However, this induction program was deemed redundant and lacked engaging elements.


TECH EHS’s EHS experts got involved right from the conceptual phase for Hot Work, Machine Guarding, Civil Excavation, Welding & Gas Cutting, including the detailed study of requirements, analysis of EHS data, and preparation of a detailed script to achieve the targets.

The animated movie had a discernible impact on the workers and effectively raised awareness among them. As a result, the induction program was condensed to a mere 20 to 30 minutes, significantly shorter than the previous two-hour duration. This reduction in time was made possible by the effectiveness of the animated movie, which served as a one-time investment, thereby preventing the need to hire a trainer repeatedly during new recruitments.

The movie was produced in the local (native) language, ensuring widespread comprehension among the workforce.

Furthermore, the strategic incorporation of 3D animation clips and movies enhanced the retention and recall value of the training material. The seamless delivery of critical information and complex concepts and cleverly designed learning paths facilitated a more efficient learning experience for the workers. Moreover, the outcomes of the training program were measurable, allowing for an objective assessment of its effectiveness.


  • Similar inquiries were generated from various locations within the same company, seeking assistance to optimize their training procedures and achieve similar objectives.
  • Positive feedback from ground-level workers highlighted the effectiveness of the animated movies in conveying critical information and improving comprehension.
  • Improved retention rates led to positive shifts in employee behavior.
  • Seamless presentation of complex tasks ensured efficient sharing of vital information.


Improved Understanding
Enhanced Efficiency
Increased Retention and Behavioral Change
Training Standardization

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