Custom Course

All customized eLearning programs are designed and developed by EHS domain experts in collaboration with industry SMEs. They accommodate customer’s specifications as per their needs and expectations. All programs contain adequate 3D animated movies/clips for making them engaging.

Build Your Own Premium Custom Course

As accomplished EHS professionals, we understand your learning objective & we can equally contribute to achieve your training need. Allow our SMEs & technical team to develop highly engaging eLearning programs for your organization


  • Customized content specific to client’s plans, policies and requirements
  • High-end graphical visuals in 2D & 3D (client specific plant areas, backgrounds, machinery etc.)
  • Take advantage of our huge library of 3D animation movies which can be incorporated in your eLearning programs
  • Interactive course designed by professional team (Instructional designer & Graphics designer)
  • Highly interactive (Interim and final) assessments which ensure maximum knowledge gain and maintains high levels of interest in the user
  • Courses pass through strategic checks and assessments (set of rules) for ensuring highly productive results.
  • Professional voice-over, background score and graphics

  • Multiple language options (International or National)
  • SCORM-Compliant course delivery
  • Perpetual license to use courses, including your branding & IP rights
  • Host your courses on your existing LMS or on TECH EHS’ LMS

  • Easily design your own certifications that are valid for predefined periods of time. Support a variety of compliance scenarios that might require a re-certification.
  • Customize as per your HSE policies, plans and procedures
  • Collaborate with our in-house team of SMEs / Domain experts
  • Customized certifications

Administrative control with TECH EHS’ LMS

  • Create as many separate training audiences / environments as required and control everything from a single account
  • Quick access to reports for monitoring and management of courses taken / completed by work force
  • Generate clear reports about everything that happens inside your eLearning hub and have complete control over your training schedules
  • Stay informed of learners’ progress on key metrics like course completion status etc.
  • Training Infographics, Activity logs, Learner’s Achievements, KPI dashboards etc.

Administrative Control with Your LMS

  • Course delivered in a SCORM version, compatible with your LMS
  • Consultation on IT infrastructure for hosting the courses
  • Support & Training to your team over the course controls, features & navigations

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