Stacker Operation & Inspection

Stacker Operation & Inspection e-learning module, tailored for employers and individuals responsible for ensuring the safe operation of stackers in various worksites.

Stackers are powerful, efficient, and versatile equipment designed for storage, retrieval, and transportation tasks, with capacities of up to 2000 Kg and heights of up to 6 meters. Their use, particularly with mechanical aids, significantly reduces the risk of manual handling injuries in the workplace.

Throughout this course, participants will gain insights into the hazards associated with stacker operation, including common types of stackers used for material storage and the basic controls involved. We delve into the various types and reasons for instability, as well as the importance of understanding capacity and working platforms.

Participants will learn how to conduct pre-shift inspections on stackers, ensuring they are in proper working condition before each use. Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance on safely operating stackers in the workplace and highlight special precautions required for electrically powered stackers.

Join us as we equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate stackers safely and effectively, ultimately promoting a safer work environment for all.


Target audience

  • Managers
  • Line Managers & Supervisors
  • Workers

Training duration: 45:00 to 60:00 minutes

Device compatibility: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile smartphone

Languages: English

Course Objectives

  • Hazards associated with stacker operation.
  • Common types of stackers used for storage of materials and basic controls.
  • Types of instability.
  • Reasons of instability, capacity and working platform.
  • How to carry out Pre-shift inspection on stacker.
  • How to operate the stackers safely in the workplace.
  • Special precautions in electrically powered stackers.

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It was wonderful working with TECH EHS team for E-Learning module project, project was delivered within the stipulated timeline and the content and animation was also very good. Everyone appreciated the animation for the Height work module. Response from the animation team was always quick and they supported us throughout the journey.  Looking forward to collaborate with TECH EHS team in future.

Cipla, Mumbai

We recently engaged TECH EHS for addressing some of the challenges we face while training workmen globally. We found their understanding of EHS and safety procedures, to be exceptional. The team’s ability to create safety animation videos independently was a key differentiator that we experienced in our several conversations with them. Their ability to understand the intricate processes and seamlessly translate them into animation was a key achievement. Thank you TECH EHS!

SUNEDISON ENERGY INDIA PVT. LTD. , Kunal Shelat (Enironment, Safety & Health Manager)

We would like to appreciate and thank all the team members involved in the development and creation of the 3D Safety Induction Video for Digital Edge. This work, taken from scratch upto the final product and the same was much appreciated not only in India but across the global Digital Edge business. We must say the team from TECH EHS that we worked during the development of the Visitor Induction Video is very much hard working, dedicated, positive, adopting to the changes and friendly to work with.

Thanks for the efforts made for the final product.

Digital Edge India

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for the support and contributions from TECH EHS to our team and your unwavering commitment. In our long-term engagement in multiple projects, the TECH EHS team’s punctuality and reliability have been crucial in keeping our projects on track and ensuring timely delivery. What truly sets you apart, however, is your approachability and willingness to collaborate!


We are writing to express our appreciation for making the visitor safety induction video. The content, clarity, and design of the video are outstanding. It has greatly contributed to making our visitor management system more attractive and robust. The video’s effectiveness in conveying crucial safety information to our visitors is commendable. Thank you for your dedication and attention to detail in creating such a valuable resource for our organization.

RR Global

The work done by TECH EHS  to understand, plan, and execute the final video is highly appreciated and executed quickly. The outcome of this is that the video can even be understood by laymen. This will go a long way to make many people understand safety in a simple way and prevent incidents and, hence well-being of one and all. Thank you for highly engaging and educative videos.


For the service part, we appreciate your work. Also, you have created a virtual world for learning and communicating safety in the form of animation. The animation team is highly supportive and goes the extra mile to interact with us during the development phase. The videos developed by TECH EHS are very educational and prove to be helpful for the entire team.

BALCO FIRE SERVICES, Gagandeep Ojha ( In Charge )

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