Client Name

JK Cement

Organization Size



Digital PTW System (ePTW)


  • Obsolete and Timeworn PTW System
  • Inconsistency in Handling Different Gear Isolations
  • Excessive Paperwork
  • Ineffective Notification System
  • Work Delays due to Inadequate Information

JK Cement required a solution to simplify processes and integrate a system to streamline and automate PTW for all their plants.

JK Cement is renowned for its resilience and reliability, ranking among the world’s top white cement manufacturers. With a strong presence in grey and white cement production, JK Cement Ltd. has earned a reputation for excellence, customer focus, and technological innovation.

Our client partnered with us to digitize various safety modules, including PTW. JK Cement operates nearly 12 manufacturing plants across geographically diverse locations, including one in Abu Dhabi. Managing the PTW workflow for all these plants became burdensome. They sought a centralized and comprehensive solution from the TECH EHS team to streamline the permit-to-work process across all units and plants.

JK Cement relied on an outdated system involving complex processes and sub-processes for each operation. Managing the PTW lifecycle became challenging, especially with multiple equipment isolations. Additionally, as the number of plants increased across various geographical locations, tracking and managing PTW became burdensome.

PTW necessitates a comprehensive task description, leading to extensive paperwork, including work details, location, tools, equipment, hazard identification, risk analysis, and method reports. This paperwork often caused work delays, compounded by the lack of a notification system to identify the cause promptly. JK Cements sought a user-friendly system to centralize workflows across all plants, ensuring compliance with international and local regulations. The system needed to be accessible to operations personnel, requiring simplicity and clarity without technical complexity.


  • Tailored System In A Single Frame Solution
  • PTW System’s Digitized Life Cycle
  • Comprehensive Permit Management
  • Multiple Equipment Isolations Management
  • Centralized PTW System For All Plants

TECH EHS curated a PTW software to remove the existing obstacles, drive improvements and increase operational efficiency.

Our team comprehended the client’s needs and devised a solution to seamlessly manage the PTW workflow for all plants, locally and globally. All PTW processes were consolidated onto a single platform, replacing outdated methods with TECH EHS’s efficient e-PTW software.

Real-time visibility was ensured from permit request submission to equipment isolation history updates, saving time and resources while expediting the process without compromising safety. Forms were tailored to local regulations, and users could quickly locate permits using status and location-based search criteria. Notifications and alerts informed concerned parties, while our user-friendly training ensured smooth adoption. The e-PTW software streamlined JK Cement’s PTW system across locations and task types.

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TECH EHS e-PTW system significantly reduced permit cycle time and enhanced comprehensiveness and transparency across all locations.

The e-PTW software allowed;

  • Users to monitor permit and isolation statuses.
  • Contractors and staff can request permits with ease.
  • Managers can detect job activities in real time.
  • Authorities can track permissions and their justifications.
  • Identification of corrections, risks, and work instructions.
  • Centralized PTW process regardless of location.


Centralized PTW Processes
Streamlined Workflows
Customizable and Scalable