Client Industry

Hygiene, Health, and Nutrition Industry

Organization Size



Site training and awareness


  • Standardized Processes
  • Language Barriers
  • Negligence and Non-Compliance

One of the health and hygiene companies aimed to train its workforce in the long term. Therefore, it initiated the development of animation videos for everyday site-specific activities based on some of its particular standards. Their primary motto was due diligence in sticking to their ‘released standards’ all over the site.

From 2017, the client stayed connected all over for their safety needs. With their vision of creating animation videos, they followed a standardized process in-house to introduce their ‘newly released standard’ to their heads. A document was created that entailed the necessary information about the standard – just adequate enough to give a brief about.

They had observed that the few of their activities had no specific details followed throughout, which created inconsistencies while performing work. This made the audience ignorant and hence, negligent. There was a serious cultural divide in adopting some of the global best practices for safety. A high amount of risk tolerance, greater rate of injuries and high severity considering the hazardous nature of work.


  • Customized Training Presentations
  • Topic-Specific Videos
  • Comprehensive Documents
  • Global Characters and Site Representation

Based on the safety standards shared by the clients’, animated movies were created with the motto of educating the workers about their safety culture, their workplace hazards and precautions to be undertaken.

TECH EHS’ EHS experts got involved right for delivering the work-related standards training presentations and documents to the site-safety heads working on their sites, including the detailed study of requirements, analysis of EHS data and preparation of a detailed training, presentations, documents and scripts.

One training presentation was brief and eased information delivery to the heads of the site. A webinar presentation was an in-detailed presentation that ensured particulars of the standard developed. It was elaborate and explanatory. Videos were detailed and topic-specific to deliver the needs of a supervisor as well as a safety manager.

Our Solution included;

  • 12-13 safety standard videos of 12-15 minutes each – ranging from Work at Height, LOTOTO, Accident Recreation, Emergency evacuation etc.

  • 3 Documents and training presentations for the standards that they developed the animation movies
  • A newly developed site (not a recreated one) with global characters so that workers worldwide can relate.


The client was keen to implement the solutions for the long run and has plans to develop standard -specific animation videos in the near future.

In interaction with TECH EHS safety professionals, they scrutinized the rest of the safety solutions that we offer. In plans to implement solutions other than animation videos are in talks as they aim for a safe, digitized and real-time site in the coming years.

The medium of delivery was English and as they advance, they can opt for other languages as well. The audience was able to understand the gravity of the events easily and hence, it retained in their minds for a longer time.


Improved Knowledge Transfer
Visual Learning Aid
Global Relevance
Increased Safety Awareness

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