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International Leader in Construction and Services

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eLearning Modules for Lifting Directive Plan


  • Directive to be referred by employees across the world
  • Language barrier had to be overcome
  • No Access to employees in Latin America to their internal LMS

The client needed to explain their revised Lifting Directive plan in a manner that was easily understood by the user and could also be assessed and tracked.

The client is an international leader in construction and services. They operate across 60 countries under numerous subsidiaries & have been the forerunners with the most immaculate projects under them.

Being a multinational conglomerate with complex operations being carried out, they have standards & Directives in place to ensure safe, proper & diligent adherence to working procedures. These are timely updated to ensure the latest & best practices are made a part of their EHS initiatives & their employees are kept as safe as possible.

One such standard that was upgraded was the Revised Lifting Directive Plan. Now, the client wants to ensure that this plan is comprehensively and clearly explained to the end user and that there is a high retention of information and recall value. For this, the client approached TECH EHS to avail of its eLearning services.

The employees are of different nationalities and, hence, speak different languages. They understand better in the language they speak. Given that the primary objective was the optimum retention of information, the language difference needed special attention.

Moreover, the client has an Internal LMS system to host the courses. However, their employees in Latin America could not access the same. Therefore, the solution had to be such that Latin American employees could also benefit from it without compromising on any of the significant aspects of training.


  • Course developed in multiple languages
  • Latin American Employees’ Courses were hosted on TECH EHS LMS
  • Safety animated movies incorporated seamlessly into their training programs

Including eLearning modules was a valuable enhancement to their training efforts and a significant upgrade to their previous training methods.

The client & TECH EHS’ association goes back to their initial project of developing Animation movies. Having greatly benefitted in the past with the animation video in their training, the client knew that TECH EHS would be the ideal choice as they are well aware of their expectations.

TECH EHS’ SME and the Instructional designer got to work and structured the module to fit into 30 minutes. They then ensured generous knowledge checks and interactive slides to ensure maximum user engagement.

Once the module was structured, TECH EHS utilized the client’s existing animated videos & incorporated them in the module. This way, they explained the processes in an animated format, making it much easier for the users to understand.

Once the English module was ready & finalized, it was then translated into other languages – Spanish, French, and German. The translation ensured that the information passed maintained the uniformity and integrity of the Lifting Directive Plan.

The modules were delivered in a SCORM package that could be hosted on the client’s LMS. The courses for the Latin American employees were hosted on TECH EHS’ LMS on subscription & assigned to the employees with usernames, with their administration control also provided to the client.

By accessing the courses through TECH EHS’ LMS, trainees could complete the training according to their schedule and convenience. Additionally, the administrative access granted to EHS heads overseeing the training progress provided a comprehensive view of the training’s progress.

This included:-

  • Assigning training modules to specific worker grades.
  • Tracking trainee progress.
  • Monitoring completion rates and assessment scores.
  • Generating consolidated reports that could be exported in an Excel format.

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Introducing these eLearning modules has been a triumph and marks yet another achievement for our esteemed client.

This successful collaboration will continue, with plans to customize another Incident Recreation video for their international unit.

Undoubtedly, this partnership will enable our client to maintain an upward trajectory in digitizing their training initiatives with the continuous support of TECH EHS’ digital solutions.


Overcome Language Barrier
Accurate Assessments
Courses Available on All Screen Sizes
Click-Ready Reports