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Globally renowned shipping company

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Incident Description & CAPA


  • Multiple bunkering-related incidents were taking a toll on the client’s reputation.
  • Workers on board lacked proper training & hazard awareness
  • Lack of a training medium that precisely provides the message the workers would effectively retain.

The client wanted to recreate three of the multiple bunkering-related incidents into 3D Animated Videos. They wanted to highlight the root causes that led to each incident and discuss corrective and preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of these incidents in the future.

The shipping company is widely recognized worldwide for its comprehensive maritime services. They offer diverse services, from fleet and terminal management to project management and consultancy. The company is an industry leader with a proven track record of success.

It is not surprising that the shipping industry contains many hazards. When proper measures are not taken, incidents can occur —sometimes even fatal.

Our client had a similar spell in their bunkering operations. Multiple incidents related to the bunkering activity had taken a significant toll on the company’s reputation amongst its clients.

In addition, the common root cause observed in most of these incidents was the workers’ lack of awareness and improper training, leading to inadvertent incidents. Owing to this, the client wanted to use the incidents as a learning tool to train their workers, highlight the root causes of the incidents, and discuss the preventive steps.


  • Animated video that effectively explains & showcases the incident.
  • Video highlights the root causes.
  • Audio-visual medium for better retention of information.

Visual elements such as animated video with audio elements captivate the worker’s attention and facilitate comprehension, particularly for workers with varying educational backgrounds.

Effective communication has become more critical in today’s digital age. And with the abundance of information available, it’s essential to present it in a way that is easily understandable and engaging.

An animated recreation of incidents is a great medium for explaining complex concepts and concisely showcasing incidents. Using visuals and audio together helps capture the audience’s attention and ensures better information retention. By utilizing this medium, the client could effectively convey their message and highlight the root causes of incidents in a way that was easy to understand and retain the information optimally.

Incorporating realistic scenarios into workplace training modules increases relatability and engagement as workers can relate the information presented to real-life situations. It allows uniform information to be given to all workers, eliminating confusion and miscommunication.

Incident Recreation can be a valuable tool, helping investigators identify the underlying causes and contributing to the development of effective corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs). As a training tool, they will help raise awareness amongst workers about the importance of following precautionary measures to prevent workplace incidents.

By illustrating the potential consequences of not adhering to safety protocols, workers are more likely to take the necessary precautions to prevent incidents from occurring. This approach can improve comprehension and retention of the presented information, leading to a safer and more productive work environment. Overall, realistic scenarios and visual elements at the actual site can significantly enhance the effectiveness of workplace training, benefiting both the workers and the organization as a whole.


Introducing these recreated incident videos as part of their training program marks an advancement of their training methodology.

  • With significant awareness initiatives, these animated videos helped build the client’s tainted reputation.
  • This successful collaboration will continue, with plans to customize other induction videos for their international unit.
  • Our partnership will enable our client to maintain an upward trajectory in digitizing their training initiatives with the continuous support of TECH EHS’ solutions.


Uniform Information
Root Cause Analysis
Raise awareness

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