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3D Animated HSE Videos for Employee Training on Client’s Site


  • Traditional PPT training methods
  • Redundancy in Content
  • Lack of Information Retention
  • Non-Uniformity in Training Deliverance

The client needed to extensively train their entire staff on the functional & theoretical aspects various topics i.e., Safety Induction, Visitor Induction, Life Saving Rules, Electrical safety, storage & Management, and Process Safety Management.

The client is one of the world’s leading engineering professional services firms, with 37000 talented people, based in over 500 offices across 40 countries. Our client is a Canadian company with American and British roots, providing management and consultancy services to the built and natural environment.

Having a presence in multiple countries and extensive operations, they wanted to streamline their training initiatives two fold.

  • They wanted to develop training videos for employees on their client site.
  • Make training videos a part of their audit assessments’ training aspects.

The client still followed traditional training methods, i.e., a PPT presentation that took hours to complete, with a trainer leading it and verbally explaining each slide. This method had its baggage – what with decreased attention from the trainees, in-consistency in the reception of information, and more so, the boredom that comes with it, as there is a limit to what the human brain can comprehend and retain.

Well, it all came down to: –

  • With redundant content, the sessions were boring & trainees were getting negligent.
  • There was no uniformity in the deliverance of the training.
  • The retention of information from the sessions could be higher than expected; however, that couldn’t be achieved.


  • Carefully studied the needs of the target audience.
  • Involved Scriptwriters & SMEs right from the inception stage.
  • Developed videos in multiple languages.
  • Made training specific to the audience
  • Developed topic-specific videos for their clients

The plan was simple – 3D animated videos were to be developed but in two different aspects & keeping in mind different target audiences.

TECH EHS was able to identify the client’s pain points upon a detailed study and understanding of their current training methods.

The employees provide consultation on-site and at the management level. We initiated this for the off-site employees by carefully understanding their audience response. We developed the script for the technical topics for each of the trainings.

We ensured that the animated training video spoke to them in a way that they could resonate with the information shared as opposed to being just another training video giving out information on the what’s & what’s not!

How did we achieve this?

We simply referred to their existing training PPTs, which were rich in content and worked with the fundamentals given therein. For the management-level executives, with the help of the current policies and the extensive involvement of our SMEs, we developed a script that would be the narrative of the video. We covered the rudimentary and advanced-level technicalities that would speak in the caliber.

We also developed HSE-related animated videos for their clients. As a part of their audit processes, our client would identify systematic gaps in the client’s site and provide them with their training requirements. We helped them fulfill this requirement by developing need-specific customized training videos.

The video on Life-saving rules was developed in languages specific to the native tongues. This had the great benefit of ensuring that the information was uniform while the message was successfully passed on.

Complex and critical tasks were seamlessly & comprehensively explained in a video format, which ensured better retention of information & higher recall value. Since the consequences of not doing a task correctly were visually explained, it increased the level of caution & discretion in the employees, ensuring that they adopt utmost vigilance in their functions.


  • The induction program was shortened to 45 minutes to an hour from the previous 6 hours.
  • Our collaboration with the client has strengthened over the years due to the significant impact of our videos on their EHS initiatives.
  • Developed posters and collaterals are now integral to their awareness campaigns and displayed across their premises.
  • TECH EHS’s successful implementation in the client’s EHS initiatives establishes a solid foundation for a continued partnership.


Duration reduced to 45-60
Videos in Multiple Languages
Self Explanatory
Increase in Caution & Discretion

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