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Infrastructure & Construction Industry

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Driver Safety Induction and Site Awareness


  • Lack of Engaging Elements
  • Challenges posed by existing driving cultures of contract workers.
  • Traditional Methods
  • Severity of Hazardous Work
  • Cultural Barrier

Their standard procedure involved convening a group of drivers to provide presentations and training on safety aspects relevant to their operations.

The overarching objective was to ensure drivers adhere to the safest practices, thereby mitigating incidents. In adopting global best practices, the training materials needed to be communicated in the local (native) language to facilitate comprehension among the workforce. However, contract workers often brought pre-existing driving cultures from India, which posed challenges in assimilating new practices. This cultural barrier contributed to a higher level of risk tolerance, increased injury rates, and greater severity of incidents due to the hazardous nature of the work environment.

Previously, the predominant induction method involved conducting a two-hour session utilizing photos (images) and PowerPoint presentations. These sessions necessitated the presence of qualified trainers capable of effectively conveying the message to the audience. However, the existing induction program was deemed redundant and lacked engaging elements to effectively capture the participants’ attention.


  • Highly engaging content delivery
  • Adequate use of 3D animation clips/movies
  • Incident recreations when needed
  • Defined characters for clear understanding
  • Clever learning paths
  • Measurable outcomes.

TECH EHS’s knowledge (domain) leaders identified key areas that required immediate attention while dealing with induction programs.

Basic safety guidelines for safe driving were ingeniously translated into an animated movie to underscore the importance of adhering to safe work practices. TECH EHS skillfully integrated this subject matter into a meticulously crafted script. The movie was designed to elicit meaningful reactions from viewers, fostering a deeper understanding of safety principles. The movie aimed to captivate the audience’s attention and enhance their productivity by incorporating captivating storytelling techniques.

At the outset, an incident was graphically recreated to highlight the significance of defensive driving, setting the tone for the rest of the movie. The content was highly engaging through the adept use of 3D animation clips and films, ensuring maximum retention and comprehension. Defined characters were employed throughout the movie to facilitate clear understanding and relatability among viewers. The movie employed clever learning paths to systematically guide viewers through safety guidelines, ensuring effective knowledge acquisition.

The movie’s effectiveness was gauged through measurable outcomes, allowing for the assessment of its impact on viewer understanding and behavior.


  • Enhanced understanding of event gravity, leading to improved retention and behavioral change.
  • Reduced induction program duration to a concise 45 minutes, improving efficiency.
  • The movie was developed in the local language for better accessibility and comprehension.
  • Seamless communication of critical tasks through the movie platform.


Increased Retention
Multilingual Capabilities
Ease of Understanding
Seamless Understanding of Critical Tasks

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