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Safety awareness with custom animated videos


  • Training proved to be time-consuming & cumbersome.
  • Limited Attention Span
  • Lack of Understanding of the Materials
  • Language Barriers

The client was looking for a training solution with a clear objective to achieve substantial productive outcomes and reduced injury rates.

The training sessions proved to be time-consuming and cumbersome, leading to boredom among the trainees and resulting in partial attention towards the sessions.

Despite the comprehensive inclusion of details and images in the lectures and presentations tailored to the target audience, they did not successfully convey the severity of potential mishaps.

The intended movie was to be disseminated widely across India, necessitating communication in local (native) languages to ensure comprehension among diverse workforces.

The prevailing practice involved a lengthy 6-hour induction using photos and PowerPoint presentations, which required qualified trainers to convey the message effectively to the audience.

However, it was observed that the induction program had become redundant and tedious, contributing to audience disengagement and negligence. Additionally, a notable cultural divide existed in adopting global best practices for safety, resulting in a high level of risk tolerance, increased rates of injuries, and heightened severity due to the hazardous nature of the work environment.


  • Clear identification of incidents and resulting injuries at the site.
  • Recognition of customizable areas in prevailing presentations.
  • Emphasis on communication through animation for effective customization.
  • Prioritization of technical diagrams for strong communication.

Based on the safety standards shared by the clients, animated movies were created to educate the workers about their safety culture, workplace hazards, and precautions for incident prevention.

TECH EHS’ EHS experts immediately got involved in delivering the Electrical Safety Induction to the workforce working on cell sites. This included a detailed study of requirements, analysis of EHS data, and preparation of a detailed script to achieve the targets.

A comprehensive understanding of an incident at the site resulting in worker injuries was established. Upon review of the prevailing presentation, clear areas were identified for customization, which could be effectively communicated through animation.

A technical diagram, deemed crucial, was prioritized for solid communication. Emphasis was placed on adhering to the permit process for task execution at cell sites and general safety guidelines for individuals working alone at these sites.

Critical information about working alone, working in adverse weather conditions, and ensuring adequate earthing was highlighted. The induction program was streamlined from 45 minutes to an hour, significantly reducing the organization’s time, resource, and cost requirements.

Producing movies in local (native) languages facilitated easier communication with audiences. Incorporating shocking audio-visual elements, particularly of incidents, generated a lasting impact on the workforce, enhancing awareness and understanding of the events.

As a result, the audience grasped the severity of the incidents more readily, leading to prolonged retention of the information in their minds.


  • Streamlined induction program by identifying improvement areas, reducing time and costs.
  • Comprehensive review and customization enhanced safety awareness among the workforce.
  • Efforts led to a safer work environment and increased adherence to safety protocols, benefiting both organization and employees.


Effective Communication
Reduced Time and Cost
Multilingual Capabilities
Enhanced User Engagement

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