Client Name

Chemical & Fiber Manufacturing Enterprise

Organization Size



Customized 12 eLearning Modules


  • Covid-19 Restrictions
  • Limited Assessments
  • Traditional Methods

Due to restrictions on gatherings and the need for safe distancing measures, organizing in-person training sessions for workers became unfeasible.

As an immediate solution, their existing PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) were uploaded, along with links to relevant safety videos, onto their Learning Management System (LMS) or server.

However, the assessments were limited in scope. Nevertheless, they effectively delivered graphically compelling and pertinent training content to their audiences. Therefore, eLearning was needed at the plant to enable them to achieve all their training targets despite the challenges posed by social distancing norms.


  • Courses in line with their training requirements
  • Administrative control over training programs
  • Accurate Assessments
  • Generate click-ready reports
  • Responsiveness

Twelve compelling, industry-specific, and highly impactful eLearning programs were implemented in the customer’s Learning Management System (LMS).

These courses were meticulously prepared to align with the client’s specific training requirements. Additionally, existing safety animated movies were seamlessly integrated into the training programs, enhancing their effectiveness.

The administrative features provided comprehensive control over the training programs, allowing for efficient management and oversight. Furthermore, the system enabled the accurate assessment of the training’s impact, facilitating informed decision-making. Learners were allowed to access the training courses on both their computers and mobile devices, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Moreover, the platform facilitated the generation of click-ready reports, streamlining the monitoring and evaluation process.

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By aligning eLearning programs with the client’s specific training requirements, TECH EHS has demonstrated our commitment to effectively meeting their needs.

By allowing learners to access courses on various devices, we have ensured convenience and accessibility, ultimately contributing to a more productive and empowered workforce.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exceptional support to strengthen our relationship further and drive mutual success.


Administrative Control
Trackable Learning Status
Accessible on Mulitple Devices
Click-Ready Reports