Client Name

JK Cement

Organization Size



Occupational Health Management Software (OHS)


  • No Digital Infrastructure for Injury Reporting and Monitoring
  • Lack of a Centralized Database for Health Records
  • Incomplete Data on Pre-Existing Medical Conditions or Medications
  • Inadequate Health Training Materials
  • Difficult to Report Routine Medical Checkups
  • Lack of Health Stats and Analysis

JK Cement adopted TECH EHS’s Occupational Health and Safety Software to oversee employee well-being and safety while handling the organization’s health-related operations and procedures.

JK Cement—A renowned name for toughness and reliability and a top global white cement manufacturer with over 40 years of expertise—leads in both grey and white cement production in India.

They partnered with TECH EHS to enhance their OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) management. They needed a comprehensive OHS system to automate processes for employees and contractors. TECH EHS’s OHS management software provides a centralized solution to monitor health risks, track sick leave, insurance, and provide proper health training for employees and contractors, including their families.

For instance, documenting team members’ pre-existing conditions, medications, checkup history, and other details is essential. Manually keeping records updated for sick leave and insurance claims can be overwhelming. Additionally, reminding about routine checkups and certificate expirations poses challenges. TECH EHS understood these needs and designed a proactive solution to address them effectively.


  • Manage Employee Health Data
  • Maintain Medical Records
  • Send Appointment Reminders
  • Curate Lists of Employee Health Conditions
  • Provide Detailed Health Trend Analysis & Statistics

Our solution helped JK Cement improve employee health, reduce healthcare costs, and improve productivity by keeping employees healthy and engaged.

Our software simplifies employee health management, including assessments, wellness programs, and medical/disability management. With restricted access, it maintains accurate health data for employees and their families. Timely assessments aid in risk identification, with options for regular health training. Medical management tools assist in returning to work after injury. Detailed reporting tracks program effectiveness.

Our association with our client helped them develop an effective OHS system that positively impacted the organization’s overall health and safety culture.

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Our association with JK Cement goes a long way, and while solving their challenges, we continue to be a prominent part of their safety culture.

Our association with our client facilitated the creation of a robust OHS system, which positively impacted the organization’s health and safety culture. Moreover, the in-depth health reports for every employee outlined the best practices and precautions specific to their roles. The introduction of the software resulted in a notable enhancement in safety awareness and perception.


Improved Employee Morale
Reduced Insurance Costs
Increased Productivity
Enhanced Reputation