Client Industry

Leading Natural Gas Manufacturer

Organization Size



Customized animated video addressing key safety aspects


  • Conducting HSE training sessions at an installation site

  • Training for multiple simultaneous operations on the site
  • Delivering comprehensive training with limited resources

  • Workers with limited to no literacy levels

  • Ensuring consistent information delivery that maximizes retention for all audiences

Being a leading Natural Gas manufacturer, the client had a pipeline installation in progress at one of their sites. As part of the training & awareness for the installation work, they were looking for a medium that would be convenient for on-site training.

The client is a notable natural gas company in India with diversified interests in the natural gas industry, including trading, transmission, production, and transmission of LPG, LNG regasification, petrochemicals, city gas, and E&P. Furthermore, the company is actively expanding its presence in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and biofuel.

HSE training sessions had to be conducted on an installation site. Considering the multiple simultaneous operations accompanying it, the training had to be conclusive of this fact and could be imparted from the limited resources available.

The site workers mainly consisted of workers with limited to no literacy. Considering this, the training had to be provided in a way that included uniform information and spoke to the audience in a way that retained maximum information.


  • SMEs involved from the conceptual phase for detailed requirement study.
  • Analysis of client’s EHS data conducted by SMEs to identify key areas.
  • Detailed script prepared based on the analysis.
  • Storyboards created as a visual representation of the video.
  • Video produced covering fundamental topics.
  • Characters, models, and backgrounds tailored to client’s site location.

Using an animated video as a training medium, all the necessary information and concepts were effectively conveyed to the trainees.

We involved our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the conceptual phase, which included a detailed study of the requirements. Our SMEs analyzed the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) data provided by the client to understand the key areas that needed to be highlighted.

Based on the analysis, a detailed script was prepared to achieve the desired goals and Objectives. Storyboards were created to act as a visual representation of the video, similar to a PowerPoint presentation, providing a comprehensive sequential overview of the beginning and end of the movie.

Following the creation of the storyboards, the video was produced, covering all the fundamental topics identified during the analysis phase. The characters, models, and backgrounds used in the video were developed to align with the client’s site location, ensuring a customized and tailored approach to the project.


Through the HSE Induction video, the workers were able to witness and understand the seriousness and importance of the processes being discussed.

  • The video served as a self-contained resource, providing consistent and standardized safety training experience.
  • TECH EHS and the client’s association date back to multiple projects. This successful implementation of the development and delivery of a HSE training video is yet another feather in the hat.
  • As the past and the present testify, there is nothing but an upward trajectory for TECH EHS’s association with the client, continuing the path of long-term and successful project associations in the future.


Comprehensive Coverage
Reduced Training Time
Emotional Connection
Versatile Training Medium

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