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Navin Fluorine International Ltd. (NFIL)

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EHS Management Software


  • Paper-based EHS System
  • Lack of Data Visibility
  • Inaccuracy and Inefficiency
  • Wastage of Time and Resources
  • No Real-Time Tracking

NFIL approached TECH EHS experts to provide a complete solution to eliminate their challenges and ensure smooth EHS processes.

Navin Fluorine makes tremendous efforts to conduct business with the highest level of ethics and strives to be environment-friendly in every way.

Navin Fluorine International Limited (NFIL) is a chemical manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat, India, committed to safety and environmental compliance. They specialize in manufacturing refrigerant gasses, inorganic fluorides, fluorochemicals, and more.

NFIL used traditional and paper-based methods for their EHS activities. These methods were time-consuming and inefficient and led to resource waste. It was challenging to start the EHS activities and track and execute them. The large amount of paperwork increased the chances of human errors, inaccurate data, and prolonged times. Tracking EHS data, activities, and trends reliably was also challenging.

The CAPA activities took ample time, and near-miss observation became challenging to recognize and be notified of. Also, paper-based audits are the most arduous tasks. And with the complicated compliances in the chemical sector, these needed to be sorted out most cleanly.

With the above challenges, NFIL’s EHS management became more complicated and challenging daily. This was when they approached TECH EHS experts to provide a complete solution that eliminated their challenges and ensured smooth EHS processes.


  • Digital EHS Management
  • Improved Data Management and Visibility
  • Enhanced Reporting and Communication
  • Real-Time Data Tracking
  • Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

NFIL chose TECH EHS’s cloud-based EHS software solution to manage safety activities comprehensively.

With the cloud-based EHS software, NFIL improved its EHS performance consistently. The related person could easily upload the information on the templates, and the EHS work could get started. The associated officials were intimated simultaneously, thus leaving no scope for delay. They could add comments and approve the work accordingly. Therefore, the authorities have a transparent way of tracking the EHS activities.

This data uploading and tracking made identifying trends, tracking progress, and generating accurate reports easier. The NFIL EHS team could make better decisions and quickly identify improvement areas. The solutions improved communication and created EHS awareness.

  • This user-friendly solution improved the client’s EHS performance incredibly.
  • They could quickly reduce the number of incidents, and near-misses could be reported efficiently. CAPA processes were meticulously completed with attachments, images, and comments.
  • Their compliances and regulations were in place as per the industry requirements.
  • They significantly saved costs and time by eliminating paper-based activities and automating the EHS processes.
  • The system boosted employee morale and productivity by ensuring they worked in a safe and secure environment.
  • Corporate users could quickly generate and view KPI performance reports monthly.
  • The “Next Action Perform By” feature helped the safety Professional and system users track the respective module’s workflow.

The Modules we implemented were:

  • Incident
  • Near Miss
  • CAPA
  • Safety Observation
  • PSSR: Pre-Startup Safety Review

We trained the NFIL employees through site visits and workshops. We hand-held them until they completely understood the digital EHS system.

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NFIL has improved its EHS performance in many ways, including reducing the number of incidents and near misses, increasing compliance with EHS regulations, reducing costs, and improving employee morale.

We can say with assurance that our client is now better equipped to manage its EHS risks and ensure the safety of its workers and the environment. Our digital solution has also helped the company to improve its efficiency and productivity, which has led to reduced costs.

Navin Fluorine International Limited now has greater visibility and transparency into its EHS data, which has improved its decision-making significantly.


Better Visibility and Transparency
Real-Time Data Tracking
Enhanced Reporting and Communication
Digital EHS Management