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Creating Incident-Based Videos with CAPA Training Explanations


  • Ineffective Training Methods
  • Lessons From Real-Life Incidents
  • Know The Root Cause Analysis
  • CAPA Learning Analysis

The client wanted a training based animated video that could effectively explain the Incident, its root causes, and the Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) concisely yet comprehensively.

The client represents a highly reputable and influential global healthcare organization headquartered in Switzerland. This esteemed company specializes in providing a wide range of innovative solutions specifically designed to cater to patients’ ever-evolving needs on a global scale.

To meet the client’s requirements, we arranged an online meeting to gather a comprehensive understanding of their needs. During this meeting, we carefully listened to their requirements and specifications, ensuring we understood what they were looking for.


  • Our SMEs drafted a narrative script for the video based on the shared Incident description.

  • We modeled the characters, backgrounds & infrastructure of the incident site precisely as per the actual incident site.
  • Added a voiceover that could be easily understood by the client’s employees worldwide.

Animated Incident Based Video helped increase awareness amongst the workers and aimed to promote a safety-conscious culture in which employees understand the significance of adhering to safety protocols and taking proactive measures to prevent accidents and incidents.

Given the fact that the client has a global presence, we ensured that the video was prepared in a way that is understandable to all their employees across the globe.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) took the shared Incident description provided by the client and used it as the foundation for developing a narrative script for video. This script served as a framework for the training medium, guiding the flow of information and ensuring that all relevant aspects of the Incident, such as its causes and consequences, were covered.

We put meticulous effort into recreating the incident site within the video. Our team modeled the incident site’s characters, backgrounds, and infrastructure to match the actual incident site as closely as possible. This attention to detail helps provide a realistic and relatable experience for the trainees, enhancing their understanding of the Incident.

The animated video was developed was designed to accommodate workers with different educational backgrounds. It likely employed clear and concise language to facilitate comprehension. By considering the diverse educational calibers of the workforce, the video aimed to ensure that all employees could grasp the information effectively. This approach also aimed to enhance retention by presenting content that catered to different learning styles and abilities.

The video was prepared to be used strategically to illustrate key points, depict scenarios, and provide visual cues for better understanding. Making the training visually appealing and stimulating aimed to create a more immersive and memorable learning experience for the workers.


  • Relatable situations, settings, and characters enhanced the relevance and applicability of the training information for the trainees.
  • The animated incident recreation was well-received within the client’s organization, earning appreciation from both management and employees.
  • Due to its positive impact, the client’s Austrian team approached TECH EHS to create another incident-based video for training purposes, which was successfully delivered.



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