Client Name

Multinational Conglomerate

Organization Size



Customized eLearning Modules


  • Training Modules Lacked Being Captivating
  • Traditional Training Methods
  • Time-Consuming

A leading global organization in the automotive and heavy engineering sector wanted a sharing mechanism that would allow them to quickly and effectively share accident, incident, or near-miss information globally from any of their plants.

One of India’s most Profitable organizations with diversified businesses across Energy, Petrochemical, Natural Gas, Retail, Telecommunication, Mass Media & Textiles approached TECH EHS, intending to update their current training method, employing our domain knowledge & expertise.

Their training modules, although rich with information, lacked the quality of being captivating. Many major and complex processes were showcased through either plain writing or flow charts at best. Thus, the immediate solution was to implement online learning at their prevalent unit.

To train their in-house engineers & supervisors, they wanted to develop modules on the following topics:

  • Control of work for PTW, HIRA & LOTO
  • Basic Safety Rules
  • Use of Spill Kits


  • The message in the training programs was accurately put across.
  • The aesthetic of the module matched the brand
  • The duration of each module was just 10 to 15 minutes each

The training programs effectively conveyed the intended message with precision.

Each module’s aesthetic design adhered meticulously to the organization’s branding guidelines, ensuring consistency and professionalism. Furthermore, each module’s concise duration, spanning only 10 to 15 minutes, facilitated optimal engagement and comprehension among participants.

The client employed our services to address various aspects of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) by integrating animated movies. Incorporating these animated elements elicited robust user responses, underscoring their effectiveness in enhancing visual engagement and retention within the modules. Leveraging animated content extensively within the modules is poised to significantly heighten the sensory experience for users, thereby augmenting the overall retention value of the training materials.

We developed the module with the expertise of subject matter experts (SMEs), aligning closely with the client’s objectives. We also delivered all customized programs in SCORM-compliant packages, ensuring seamless integration with the customer’s Learning Management System (LMS).

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TECH EHS implemented a structured approach to module design, organizing content into cohesive sections for improved coherence and clarity.

User engagement surged by 80%, indicating heightened interest and participation in the training program. A notable 70% increase in retention rate was observed based on assessment results, underscoring the effectiveness of the training in reinforcing key concepts.

TECH EHS’ expertise contributed to significant enhancements in their existing training program, showcasing the impact of domain knowledge in refining content and delivery. The module exceeded expectations, aligning seamlessly with the strategic visions of the project and corporate communications teams, enhancing business and corporate communication objectives.


Improved Coherence and Clarity
Visually Engaging Graphics
Maximum Learning Impact
Enhanced User Engagement