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eLearning Modules for EHS Management System


  • Aligning with Training Objectives
  • Easy & Convenient Navigation
  • Tracking Course Progress

With the vision of digitizing the bulk of their training methods, they wanted to employ the services of a training provider that would host training programs but and provide comprehensive insights on the progress of the learners.

Our client was hunting for a solution that would be in line to their training objectives. Their primary intent was to host training modules that comprehensively cover the subject, contain easy & convenient course navigations and provide information over the course status (to the learner individually & the administrator for all the learners).


  • Easy-to-Understand Course Navigations
  • Complex Concepts Conveyed in Engaging Manner.
  • Administrator Visibility
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Having previously attained animation & training services from TECH EHS, the client was aware of our domain expertise & eLearning services.

The animated movies were a great medium of training as they were perceived with high attentiveness & maximum retention of information. Also, the on-site training collaterals were designed as per the worker’s capability & merit.

We provided a comprehensive overview of their training program’s performance, including metrics on user engagement and course completion. This entailed gathering data on the total count of registered users, encompassing both active and inactive statuses.

Additionally, we provided insights into the total number of course assignments allocated to users, irrespective of their activity status. Furthermore, analyzing course completion statuses across all users, regardless of their activity status, distinguishing between completed and incomplete courses was possible. These metrics collectively provided a holistic understanding of the training program’s effectiveness and user participation levels, aiding in strategic decision-making and program optimization efforts.

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The implementation of the new training module yielded significant positive outcomes for the client.

Firstly, there was an impressive 88% increase in user attention, indicating heightened engagement with the course content. This was attributed to the user-friendly course navigations, which minimized confusion and facilitated seamless learning experiences.

Additionally, the assessment results demonstrated a remarkable 90% increase in the retention rate, highlighting the effectiveness of the module in reinforcing learning outcomes. Overall, the module exceeded expectations, not only fulfilling the primary objective of training contractor workforces but also establishing a robust foundation for future training strategies.


Enhanced User Engagement
Improved Learning Experience
Higher Retention Rates
Comprehensive Insights