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EHS Induction and Incident Recreation Videos


  • Lack of Standardized Visitor Induction
  • Training for Changing Contractor Workforce
  • Retaining Interest in Training
  • Integrating Modern Learning Methods

In conjunction with the on-premise training, our clients wished to provide a modern and sleek outlook on safety learning. With a mission to dive deeper into custom learning strategies in a variety of sectors, the idea naturally led the client’s team to experiment with animated videos.

The group and their associations were in a cutthroat environment for training with correct abilities. They faced issues when they wished to impart interest-retaining training at the mark of need in the plant areas of requirement.

For the employees, idea perception in technical training seemed tough to grasp, especially while explaining incidents where the trainer’s mouth-to-mouth delivery was the only medium. It was tough for the learners to picture significant hazards as their dependency was solely on the verbal clarification that the trainers provided.

To guide visitors and induct them always meant a trainer engaged in induction. The management lacked a similar, precise way of visitor induction for all their clients. Since their contractor workforce kept changing every now and then, a full-time resource was necessary to keep undergoing training for their teams and the workers involved. It meant that the information delivery needed to be intact every time.


  • Detailed Visitor Onboarding Video
  • In-depth Training via Animated Videos
  • Videos in Multilingual Languages
  • Reduction in Full-Time Training Personnel

After several interactions with management regarding ‘what would work best for their team,’ TECH EHS subject matter experts were eager to eliminate the issues they faced in training their workforce.

With involvement from the conceptual phase, the client communicated the gravity of incidents that took place at their workplace and the problems that they regularly faced in inducting their workforce and contractor workers.

Their workforce was diversified, and the language barrier was a matter of concern for the management. TECH EHS created voiceovers for specific languages, which eliminated linguistic issues.

The visitor induction movie was precise and to the point (about 10-15 minutes), and the information remained intact for the clients. All the movies that the TECH EHS team received were in quantum.

The client manpower was trained with animation movies at their sites, which extended to all sectors. TECH EHS animation movies hold a reputation for simplifying complicated concepts and their training processes, which aids in more information retention.

The animation movies erased the need for full-time resources to train the workforce. They were used as standalone training or as complementary training.


  • Implementing the new training module resulted in notable positive outcomes for the client.
  • The incident-based videos raised awareness and contributed to a decrease in incidents at the worksite.
  • A comprehensive 30-minute video trained the contractor workforce on safety protocols, covering everything from site entry to on-site safety behaviors, including site-specific instructions.
  • Enhanced interactivity levels for the workforce, making training more focused, engaging, and enjoyable.


Enhanced Communication and Comprehension
Enhanced Safety Culture
Consistent and Comprehensive Training
Cost Savings and Resource Optimization

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