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Manufacturers of Foundry Grade Pig Iron and Ductile Iron Pipes

Organization Size



Customized 5 Universal eLearning Modules


  • Covid-19 Restriction
  • Remote Training
  • Difficult to Comprehend
  • Conduct Regular Training

Due to restrictions on gatherings and the need for safe distancing, it was not feasible to convene work personnel for traditional training sessions.

Consequently, an immediate solution was devised to implement online learning within their prevalent unit.

The Head of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), overseeing the unit’s operations, expressed the need to introduce training programs on five specific topics: Working at Height, Confined Space Entry, Road Safety, Incident Investigation Methodology, and Electrical Safety.


  • Produced 5 industry-specific and highly impactful eLearning programs
  • Subscription-Based Courses
  • 95% of their training targets met
  • Incorporated requested customizations & developed modules parallel to the exact requirements.

Five industry-specific and highly impactful eLearning programs were conducted on the customer’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Initial training was imparted to 100 users, offering comprehensive and compelling courses complemented by the visual aid of 3D animation. Furthermore, the eLearning programs were run seamlessly on TECH EHS LMS, enabling the assignment of training programs, accurate delivery, and collection of pertinent information. Each course was customized slightly to meet the specific training requirements of the customer, with safety animated movies elucidating complex processes seamlessly.

Administrators retained complete control over the training programs, equipped with detailed insights into their progress. The impact of training was gauged through accurate assessments facilitated by a flexible training medium that allowed access via desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. Administrators could generate click-ready reports, while trainees benefited from an easy-to-navigate Learner Dashboard, enabling them to take assessments and download their certificates upon completion and passing.

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By customizing the courses to meet the specific training requirements of our clients, we have ensured optimal relevance and alignment with their objectives.

Subscribing to the courses not only facilitated remote training for their workforce but also provided comprehensive reports to the administrator, fulfilling 95% of their training targets.

These programs were tailored to incorporate requested customizations and developed modules parallel to the stipulated requirements.


Accurate Assessments
Flexible Training Medium
Click-Ready Reports
Easy to Navigate Learner Dashboard