Client Name

Gharda Chemicals Limited

Organization Size



EHS Management Software


  • Transparency
  • Manual Data Entry Functions
  • Asynchronous Reporting and Reviews
  • CAPA Execution
  • Hierarchy-Wise Management

Our client carried out EHS operations manually, maintained Excel sheets, and followed traditional EHS practices.

Gharda Chemicals Limited required a comprehensive solution to streamline EHS operations across its widespread business units, plants, and warehouses. Managing and reviewing EHS data hierarchically posed challenges. The chemical sector demands significant compliance and precise process assessments, necessitating a single platform to streamline EHS operations seamlessly.

Our client initially managed EHS operations manually, relying on Excel sheets and traditional practices. Adapting to new changes and technology can be challenging for established generations, but it becomes necessary over time. The client faced delays in reports and reviews due to hierarchical complexities and communication issues, compounded by varying accessibilities across plant units. This hindered report generation, CAPA execution, and compliance checks.

Seeking to align processes with safety goals, Gharda Chemicals Limited approached TECH EHS for assistance.


  • Timely Alerts and Notifications
  • Strategy for Accurate CAPA Execution
  • Hierarchy-Wise Priorities and Solutions
  • Streamlined Collection, Verification, and Analysis Processes
  • End-to-End EHS Digital Solution

Our solutions enhanced EHS reporting processes and showcased the benefits of adopting new tools and technologies.

Our digital team comprehensively understood the needs and had a solid grasp of their processes, indicating a clear requirement for digitization and process streamlining. We automated data collection, transformation, and analysis, issuing timely alerts to accelerate operations. We effortlessly managed risk assessment, occupational health data, and other safety modules alongside CAPA.

Digital agility allowed hierarchical job implementations, enhancing safety through alerts and minimizing delays. Compliance management was simplified with organized data and streamlined tasks.

Our end-to-end technology-driven system ensured high precision in EHS operations, compliance, and reporting.

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We convinced our client to recognize the importance of digitalized EHS and its contribution to long-term business success.

Gharda Chemicals partners with TECH EHS for risk assessment, ePTW, near-miss reporting, and other safety modules to drive continuous improvement. The EHS digitization encompasses quality and EHS processes, allowing EHS managers to manage their ESG strategy effortlessly.


Hierarchy-Wise Management
Comprehensive Reports
Continuous Improvement