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Organization Size



Comprehensive EHS Management System


  • Hierarchy Difference
  • Remote Areas Accessibility
  • Safety Process Digitalization
  • Distinct Safety Modules (CAPA and HIRA)
  • Transparency and Data Security

Sembcorp sought a comprehensive digital safety solution, recognizing the need for customization to address various requirements effectively.

Sembcorp has a successful track record of identifying, developing, and operating power generation assets across conventional and renewable energy sectors.

Sembcorp sought a unified safety plan to accommodate the nuances between conventional and renewable energy processes. As they expanded into renewable energy, the need arose to tailor safety processes for each sector. However, the overarching safety action plans remained consistent; distinct differences required focused attention. To address these variations in hierarchies, locations, and structures, Sembcorp enlisted the expertise of TECH EHS. Our expert team navigated these complexities to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions tailored to Sembcorp’s needs.

Sembcorp struggled to maintain uniform safety modules across both renewable and conventional energy sectors due to differing hierarchies, forms, and safety requirements despite similar functionalities.

Their team presented specific challenges that called for personalized responses. Among these needs were the segregation of safety protocols for both renewable and conventional energy sectors and the integration of their data into a cohesive system.


  • Combined Hierarchies with Service-Wise Workflow
  • Mobile App Integration with Offline Mode
  • End-to-End Safety Digitalization Solution
  • Design Safety Modules for Amplified Transparency
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Enhanced Data Security

The TECH EHS team comprehensively designed solutions to decode every complexity of Sembcorp.

Our team crafted comprehensive solutions for every intricate challenge. Tailoring each solution to meet their specific requirements, we implemented systems that generated emails and notifications at regular intervals, ensuring timely task completion and communication at every level.

The organizational hierarchies required unique integration. Our team developed a solution such that conventional energy had the primary fields, and renewable energy required the remote location details as an add-on on the same UI.

As network access in remote locations was very limited, we integrated offline access into the safety system. This made real-time tracking possible and accelerated all the processes.

Integrating digitalized safety solutions proved valuable in generating, saving, and amplifying safety processes in the respective energy sectors. The consolidated data center with an interactive dashboard ensured easy access to data. All the files could be exported easily for slides, reports, or analysis generation.

We designed almost 15 safety modules that generated different forms for conventional and renewable energy with the same feeds. However, the two modules, CAPA and HIRA, required particular attention. For example, the HIRA form had different forms for both energy sectors; Therefore, the necessary form was generated to select the specific choice.

Our team designed the CAPA module to strictly require the concerned person to record the pictures and fill in the comments as per the action plan. Once the images were clicked, the system auto-generated the longitude and latitude of the images’ location.

With the integration of a mobile app, real-time tracking became easy. It was a two-way street for checking, updating, and escalating safety issues.

The entire digitized safety system solved the problems of the conventional and renewable energy sectors by generating different forms, streamlining processes, and maintaining a centralized platform for data.

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TECH EHS implemented an EHS observation module to seamlessly record and track frequent observations and reinforce safety behaviors.

TECH EHS assisted Sembcorp in streamlining processes, real-time reporting, managing corrective actions, and enhancing transparency through centralizing data. Digitalization enabled innovative approaches to time-consuming tasks.

TECH EHS simplified complex processes, making them user-friendly, efficient, and adaptable. We are committed to helping Sembcorp realize its vision of implementing sustainable strategies with cutting-edge technology.


Streamlined Workflows
Offline Access