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EHS Management Software


  • Tedious Manual Work
  • Increased Risk
  • Delay in Reporting Unsafe Acts & Unsafe Conditions
  • Uncertainties in Incident Reporting
  • Remote Geographical Areas
  • No Aids to Raise Observations Instantly

THINK Gas has CNG gas stations spread across various geographical locations and consolidates the safety data manually.

THINK Gas operates numerous CNG stations across North India, with expanding reach. Safety data was manually consolidated across locations despite each station having designated data collectors. A central team spent considerable effort compiling and presenting this data to higher authorities.

THINK Gas attempted to streamline safety data consolidation by implementing software but fell short of technical requirements. This left the team uncertain about the effectiveness of software as a solution. Despite the challenges of manual consolidation, they hesitated to rely entirely on software, acknowledging its limitations while also recognizing the imperfections of their current method.


  • Centralized and Standardized Process
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Timely Corrective Actions
  • Proactive Management
  • Analyzed Key Metrics
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices

The EHS modules assisted THINK Gas’s safety team ensured high performance and effectiveness, compliance, and implementation of EHS standards.

At TECH EHS, we grasped the organizational structure and regional divisions of various GA branches. We tailored and effectively deployed customized solutions for similar clients. Convincing them of the viability of customized software and mobile apps, even in remote areas, was crucial. We successfully persuaded the THINK Gas team that our mobile-ready software was their definitive solution, offering the accessibility and convenience they sought.

Modules implemented were

Module Name Outcomes
Incident and Near Miss Management
  • To record and report observations anytime , anywhere using the mobile app
  • To record and report incidents anytime, anywhere using the mobile app.
  • Perform in-depth risk and root cause analysis.
  • Implement Corrective & Preventive Actions timely.
Unsafe act & Unsafe condition Management
Corrective and Preventive Action Tracking (CAPA)

Encouraged by the success of the pilot project, THINK Gas proceeded to incorporate extra modules into the software, comprising:

  • Asset Observation
  • Audit and Inspection
  • Action Plan Centre

The mentioned modules enabled THINK Gas’s safety team to securely store internal audit activities, data, and processes on a web-based platform, ensuring high performance, compliance, and implementation of EHS standards.

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TECH EHS’s software swiftly addressed THINK Gas’s safety concerns, saving time, reducing manual labor, and mitigating risks to prevent incidents.

THINK Gas highly praised our software’s exceptional performance to fellow CGD organizations, showcasing its utility and accessibility through a compelling presentation.


Automated Data Consolidation
Record and Report Anytime, Anywhere
Detailed CAPA Implementation
Location-Wise Reports and Analysis