Client Name


Organization Size

51-200 employees


Digital PTW System (ePTW)


  • Discreet Procedures
  • Tedious Manual Process
  • Vulnerable Security
  • Deficiencies Anomalies
  • Deceptive Geographic Locations

Integrating an Electronic Permit to Work (ePTW) system into existing software is a strategic move that can significantly expedite permit processes while enhancing transparency and safety.

Their manual PTW system was now a barrier that they experienced. We promptly offered them a practical and efficient answer once they shared their difficulties with our team.

The paper system became jumbled and clogged. A transparent mechanism to view permit requests, closures, checkpoints, workers, and contractors connected to the system was also lacking. Identifying responsibility for delays became challenging, especially with contractor involvement, leading to significant delays in permit closures with unclear reasons.

To digitize their whole PTW system, Think Gas partnered with TECH EHS.


  • Rapid, Effective, and Cost-Effective
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Improved Organizational Structure with a Transparent System
  • Precise Report Generation
  • Enhanced Security and Accessibility

Our team seamlessly integrated the ePTW module into our client’s safety system, addressing all challenges effectively.

The ePTW system streamlines the permit process by requiring users to sign documents and capture photos digitally. It enhances efficiency by ensuring authorities are fully aware of the process’s purpose, timing, and participants. Users must update their status and provide observations, and authorized personnel must be within 100 meters for accuracy. Upon completion, designated officers inspect the site and submit closures, with the system generating comprehensive reports.

This process surpasses paper-based systems in speed and accuracy, mitigating human error. Authorized users can quickly access documents, with Think Gas issuing around 150 permits daily. The module’s compatibility with handheld devices has revolutionized Think Gas’ PTW system.

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Think Gas collaborated with Tech EHS to improve safety practices and help Gas become safer places.

Transitioning from a paper-based to a digital system provided significant benefits, including increased efficiency, improved processes, enhanced security, and cost savings. Think Gas successfully migrated to a digital PTW system using Tech EHS’s ePTW module and experienced several benefits.


Quick and Efficient PTW Processes
Accurate Report Generation
Enhanced Safety
Improved Communication