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A digital LOTO system integrates with the current safety software or is installed as a different module in the work system. It is also the answer to the question of how to digitize EHS.

Did you know that since 2014, OSHA has issued employers more than 10,000 LOTO citations?

What is LOTO system? The Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) system is crucial to maintaining workplace safety. However, it sometimes tends to backfire despite fencing and educating about the system. Hence, it is necessary to go that extra mile and make that extra effort to ensure a foolproof LOTO system.

So, how do we foolproof the system to minimize errors and incidents?

  • Identify the risks

  • Informed the concerned people

  • Affix the LOTO tag

  • Energy check and verification

  • Checking and restoration of the equipment by experts

  • Complete isolation of the machinery

So, are these steps enough? Well, if done with extreme carefulness, these steps promise a LOTO system in safety but still leave room for errors. Now, the question arises of how to add that extra layer of foolproof safety.

The answer is to digitize the LOTO system.

A digital LOTO system promises a foolproof and safe procedure from start to end.

Let us discuss this in detail.

What is a Digital LOTO System

A digital LOTO system integrates with the current safety software or is installed as a different module in the work system. It is also the answer to the question of how to digitize EHS.

The LOTO system procedure, once installed, replaces the manual paperwork and the need for physical authorization. The system digitalizes work documents and guides while providing 360-degree security. The digital lockout tagout reduces the need to keep mechanical locks and physical security measures. It provides an electronic lockout and virtual tag. Moreover, authorities can analyze the entire process as it is digitally traceable.

The LOTO system procedure comes with an easy-to-use mobile application. It makes accessing and updating information in real-time quick and effortless.

This digital transformation of the LOTO process leads to effective planning, shorter process time, and increased security and traceability.

Let us first discuss the challenges of a manual LOTO system.

how to digitize ehs loto system? | TECH EHS

Challenges of Manual LOTO System

While the manual approach, LOTO, is the traditional approach and has been continued until now, it poses many challenges and hazards. Some of them are;

Human Error

The LOTO system consists of several steps, some of which are very complex. Hence, manual processes might lead to errors if completely dependent on humans.


Every employee will have their own way of implementing LOTO, which might lead to inconsistent procedures.


As said above, LOTO processes are complex. If they are completely dependent on humans, maintenance may take more time and extend equipment downtime.

Compliance Issues

LOTO processes require proper documentation, which can lead to huge fines and penalties if they are not proper.

Equipment Identification and Isolation

The LOTO system has many hidden hazards. Some energy sources might be overlooked or improperly isolated, leading to potential hazards during maintenance.

Tampering/ Wear and Tear

Physical locks are prone to wear and tear or can also be tampered with, thus compromising the effectiveness of the LOTO system.

Thus, a digital LOTO system and human effort can help make the LOTO processes more efficient. They minimize human errors and mitigate the risks associated with manual systems.

Benefits of the Digital LOTO System

The digital lockout tagout is the future of industrial security. The workplaces implementing the digital LOTO system have found it extremely capable of being a strategic and workable process.

Here are some of the benefits of digitizing the LOTO process.

Greater Time and Communication Efficiency

A digital LOTO considerably reduces downtime. As the administrative and authorization processes are quickly carried out, the process starts speedily and ends seamlessly. The communication channel is also momentous. The digital channel ensures two-way communication to alert authorities and employees. Real-time alerts help everyone stay in the loop and know the progress of the maintenance work.

Enhanced Security and No Errors

When the system is secured, it leaves room for zero errors. The employees feel confident that the information is secured and have momentous help. The digital system ensures zero fatalities (if proper procedure is followed) as the entire work process is scrutinized from start to end. The worker can instantly alert the personnel if they notice any manipulation or misbehavior.

Automated Data Collection

Data plays a prominent role in the LOTO digital system. It enhances the maintenance services and enables us not to repeat mistakes. Every little step is recorded, which makes the data-rich and valuable. It helps resolve issues faster and delivers immediate insights into the problematic corners. The automated data collection identifies gaps and heightens sensitive information for increased awareness.

Increased Efficiency in Work Processes

The LOTO digital system provides a microscopic view of all the processes. It ensures zero miscommunication by providing centralized and systematic communication for all LOTO activities. It is the primary way to prepare, verify, and approve LOTO before an outage. A unique barcode is generated to perform isolation verification, thus enhancing safety. When the LOTO system in safety takes care of the little details, and the workers know that help is available at the click of a button, efficiency indeed tends to increase.

A Compliant and Safe Workplace

LOTO digitization supports compliance by allowing easy and regular auditing of the LOTO processes. Thus, all the LOTO complaints are in place, and the organization can focus on productivity. It adds a layer of safety by not allowing restoration of LOTO unless all personnel have been notified or signed off the LOTO. Digitalization also provides a standard and consistent LOTO process throughout the entire organization.


The benefits are affirming enough to provide the organization with enhanced efficiency and productivity. The digital, easy-to-use, and flexible LOTO management solution promises a safer workplace. Employees and equipment are saved from incidents and accidents.

So what are you waiting for? Get your digital LOTO system today!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Digitizing the LOTO system offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Safety
  2. Improved Efficiency
  3. Real-Time Tracking
  4. Automated Documentation
  5. Regulatory Compliance
A digital LOTO system improves safety by:

  • Minimizing Human Error
  • Consistent Application
  • Enhanced Monitoring

Yes, a digital LOTO system can often be integrated with other systems, such as ERP, Incident Management Systems, and EHS Software

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